Ray & Hugh

C Support

Hugh: Hey!
Ray: Oh.
Hugh: There you are! I never would’ve guessed you’d be here in this army. I’ve been looking all over for you!
Ray: …Well, I sure wasn’t looking for you.
Hugh: Taking advantage of my kindness like that… This is why I don’t like kids. Now give me back my Resire book.
Ray: Ah, yes. That thing.
Hugh: …You haven’t used it up already, have you?
Ray: ……
Hugh: …Hey…
Ray: …Calm down, I’ve got it. I was just borrowing it. I was planning on giving it back to you some day.
Hugh: Y-You little runt… You said you just wanted to see it for a sec, so I lent it to you. I wasn’t expecting you to take it and run off!
Ray: Look, I’ve said this a million times. I’m borrowing it, not stealing it.
Hugh: Well, when are you going to return it?
Ray: Well, let’s see… I suppose I’ll give it back to you after I use it twenty times.
Hugh: You’d better keep your word!
Ray: Of course.

*Ray leaves*

Hugh: …Oh, well, I guess I’ll just have to wait… …Whoa, wait a minute! It’ll be gone by the time you use it twenty times!

B Support

Hugh: Hey!
Ray: Oh.
Hugh: I’m not letting you go this time! Give me back that Resire book now!
Ray: …Sorry, but I can’t.
Hugh: What!?
Ray: You’re a mage. What’s the point in you having a Resire book?
Hugh: Erg… That’s not the point…
Ray: A powerful spell that could be put to use in battle would be wasting away in your hands. Who would be responsible if we lost a battle because we didn’t use it?
Hugh: Er… F-Fine, I’ll let you have it for now. But you’re gonna give it back to me with interest, you hear!?

*Hugh leaves*

Ray: …Hmph, what an idiot. How can he be fooled by such a lame excuse? I have yet to understand such blatant stupidity.

*Hugh reappears*

Hugh: …Hey.
Ray: …Crap…

*Ray leaves*

Hugh: You little…! Give it back to me now!

A Support

Hugh: Hm? What’s this?
Ray: I’ll give you that gem.
Hugh: Where did you get this?
Ray: That’s none of your business. Anyway, I’m giving you that in return for the spell book.
Hugh: Nope. I can’t accept this!
Ray: Why not? The gem’s enough to buy another Resire book.
Hugh: This isn’t about money. It’s about my pride. …Let’s see… I want you to apologize to me. Then you can have the spell book for free.
Ray: Ha… I can’t believe you’re being so stubborn over something so stupid.
Hugh: Hey, so are you. All you have to do is say you’re sorry.
Ray: Well, I won’t. I’ve paid you back with the gemstone.
Hugh: Well, I’m not taking it. You’re going to be in my debt until you apologize!
Ray: ……
Hugh: ……
Ray: …Hmph… Adults.
Hugh: …What a stubborn little brat.