Roy & Allen

C Support

Roy: Hmm…
Allen: Master Roy, is something wrong?
Roy: ……
Allen: Master Roy!
Roy: Oh! Allen. Sorry, I was lost in my thoughts.
Allen: You seem to be thinking a lot these days, Master Roy.
Roy: Maybe so…
Allen: What are you worrying over?
Roy: I was just thinking about how to move our troops.
Allen: How to move the troops?
Roy: Yes. The enemy is growing stronger all the time, so good methods quickly become obsolete. I was wondering how to effectively break through their defense lines.
Allen: That’s easy, Master Roy! Leave it to me. I shall have their defense shattered in no time.
Roy: Thanks. But I don’t want to put anyone in danger either. There has to be a better way… I’ll think some more.

B Support

Allen: Master Roy, I have an idea to break the enemy’s defense…
Roy: Idea?
Allen: Yes. First, we save our best troops and use the others to clash with the enemy’s front lines. Then we shall find a weakness. Please, leave that role to me and my squad!
Roy: But that group will be in great danger…
Allen: We might have some casualties, but we can win the battle! Besides, I am not so easily defeated.
Roy: …Allen, I can’t consider that idea.
Allen: W-Why?
Roy: I can’t use a plan that we know will have casualties.
Allen: But Master Roy, casualties cannot be avoided in a war…
Roy: …I think they can be. I might sound naive, but I don’t consider a victory with casualties to be a true victory.
Allen: A true victory… Can there be a true victory in war?
Roy: I think there can be. That’s why I want to come up with a good plan.

A Support

Roy: Hmm…
Allen: Still thinking, Master Roy?
Roy: Yes. I can’t think of a good plan yet… But not your plan, okay?
Allen: Yes, I understand, Master Roy. But if there’s anything I can do, please tell me.
Roy: Yes, I will.
Allen: …Master Roy.
Roy: ?
Allen: …I honestly still cannot decide whether there is such a thing as a true victory. But if you believe it, then I will support you with all my strength.
Roy: Thanks, Allen. I’m sure there will come a day when you’ll understand as well.
Allen: Then I shall look forward to that day!