Roy & Marcus

C Support

Marcus: *grumbling*
Roy: What’s the matter, Marcus?
Marcus: Not good. Not good at all.
Roy: What’s not good?
Marcus: The youths these days, their fighting has much to desired. It isn’t all of them, but most of them seem pampered in my eyes! We must make stricter exercise plans…
Roy: I don’t think they’re pampered… They’re all doing their best.
Marcus: No! Master Roy, you are too soft on them. I shall go and show them an example!
Roy: Are you sure you have to go on your own? You’re not, you know, young any more.
Marcus: Nonsense! I may be old, but I shall not lose to the young ones yet!
Roy: Ah…okay. But you’re still not young any more, so watch out for your health.
Marcus: Yes, of course. Thank you.
Roy: *leaves*
Marcus: Master Roy is so thoughtful… Now look at those other young ones compared to him…disgraceful! I must help Master Roy in their place.

B Support

Marcus: Master Roy, I still think that we must make our rules stricter.
Roy: Stricter?
Marcus: Yes. And we expel those who aren’t doing their job properly.
Roy: ……
Marcus: Although our army will be small, we will have a team of elites. That way we can fight more efficiently.
Roy: No, Marcus. That’s not a good idea.
Marcus: Eh… Why?
Roy: Who’s going to choose whether someone is doing their job or not?
Marcus: Of course, that would be you, Master Roy.
Roy: But some people might be working hard where I’m not looking.
Marcus: Oh… Well, in that case…
Roy: There are also people supporting us outside the battlefield, and there are also those whom we don’t use because of my decisions who haven’t yet had a chance. You want to simply expel them all? We have many people who joined us with strong beliefs. We can’t just tell them to leave.
Marcus: ……
Roy: Marcus, we have to trust them more. They’re our comrades, right?
Marcus: …You are right. I was mistaken, Master Roy. Your thoughts are noble.
Roy: You know, it’s kind of strange hearing you praise me like that. You’re usually scolding me most of the time.
Marcus: Oh? Am I?
Roy: Yes. *leaves*
Marcus: Master Roy… He has gotten so bold… He can now certainly live on his own. My role is almost finished…

A Support

Roy: Marcus, is something wrong? You seem not well these days.
Marcus: I’m sorry. When I think of a good time that I should retire… Well, aging certainly isn’t a fun thing.
Roy: Retire?
Marcus: The young soldiers have grown strong. Perhaps it is the right time.
Roy: …Marcus. What are you saying?
Marcus: I am old… It wouldn’t be for your benefit that an old man like me stay by your side. I should give way for the next generation…
Roy: No…
Marcus: I should be retiring soon.
Roy: No! I order you to stay!
Marcus: Master Roy…
Roy: I’ll apologize if you’re angry about what I said the other day. So don’t say that you’ll retire.
Marcus: But an old man like me… I shouldn’t be in battles any more.
Roy: I still have lots of things that I need to learn from you. But if you leave…who can I turn to for advice?
Marcus: Master Roy… You trust this old man so much…
Roy: Don’t say you’ll retire… I still need your help from now on.
Marcus: Yes… I shall serve you to the death.