Rutger & Dayan

C Support

Rutger: You… You’re the Silver Wolf…
Dayan: So you are a warrior of Sacae, too. What is your name?
Rutger: Rutger. …I was in Bulgar.
Dayan: Bulgar… So you survived. I heard that most of the clans there were decimated…
Rutger: …… That time… I learned that it was the law of nature that the weak die out. That is the same anywhere, whether it be Sacae…or Bern!
Dayan: Then… Is that the reason why you are here? To become strong and have your revenge on Bern…?
Rutger: ……

B Support

Dayan: Rutger, you said that you fight for revenge.
Rutger: ……
Dayan: What will you do after you have your revenge?
Rutger: ……
Dayan: I am asking you… After you avenge your clan, what will you do?
Rutger: …You have no right to know.
Dayan: Will you dedicate your life to revenge? Is that all right with you?
Rutger: You want me to just keep quiet, even after seeing my entire clan killed? …But you have suffered the same.
Dayan: That is not what I am saying. We are men of Sacae. We must make those who desecrate our land pay. However…even if we do win this war and destroy Bern, those that we lost will still not return.
Rutger: ……
Dayan: You cannot regain what you have lost through revenge.
Rutger: …I know no other way to live.

A Support

Dayan: Rutger, what will you do after this war is over? Do you have a place to go?
Rutger: …No.
Dayan: So I thought. Then would you join the Kutolah clan?
Rutger: ……
Dayan: Our clan has lost, but we have been destroyed. Once the war ends, we will gather in the plains once again. It would be helpful if you were there with us.
Rutger: …I don’t take offers.
Dayan: It is not an offer. I am asking you because I have faith in your strength as a warrior.
Rutger: ……
Dayan: Hm… Difficult person, I see. Then I shall say no more. But always remember that if you ever change your mind, we will welcome you with open arms. Keep that in mind, wherever you go.
Rutger: …… …Yeah.