Sue & Fa

C Support

Fa: La la laaa … Oh! It’s Sue!
Sue: You look like you’re having fun, Fa.
Fa: Yes, Fa’s having lots and lots of fun! Fa gets to play outside, now!
Sue: Is that what’s fun?
Fa: Yeah. Fa was never allowed to play outside before.
Sue: Never…? You always stayed indoors?
Fa: Uh-huh.
Sue: I…see.
Fa: La la la laa…

*Fa leaves*

Sue: Always inside… She never knew the blessing of the Sky or the warmth of the Earth…

B Support

Fa: Sue!
Sue: What’s wrong, Fa?
Fa: Can Fa ride on your horse some time?
Sue: My horse? Of course, you can ride her now…
Fa: No, not now. Roy told Fa not to bug the others!
Sue: I see…
Fa: Yeah. There’s a place Fa wants to go on the horse!
Sue: Where?
Fa: A place with lots of pretty flowers! Or a place where the sun’s shining and it’s all nice and warm!
Sue: …All right. We’ll go sometime.
Fa: Yay! Thank you, Sue!

A Support

Fa: Sue!
Sue: Fa?
Fa: Fa wants to go to lots of other places, too! Fa wants to learn more about the big outside world.
Sue: ……
Fa: Sue…
Sue: Yes… Once this war is over, we can go to many different places.
Fa: Really?
Sue: Yes. There are many things in this world that have been nurtured by the Sky’s blessings and the Earth’s warmth. We can go see all those things.
Fa: Hmm… Fa doesn’t get it.
Sue: You’ll understand when you get a little older. I know you will.