Sue & Shin

C Support

Shin: Lady Sue, please step back. It’s not wise to linger around the front.
Sue: Shin, this is a battlefield. I have to go up front to fight.
Shin: I will do the fighting. You must think of your safety.
Sue: My archery skills have gotten much better than before. I’m sure I can be of help to the army.
Shin: I have orders from the Silver Wolf to keep you safe. I will not allow you to put yourself in danger.
Sue: …Yes. I will do as you say.
Shin: Thank you.
Sue: You sound like Grandpa when you argue with me.
Shin: Of course. The Silver Wolf is whom I respect the most.

B Support

Shin: Lady Sue, you’re still staying up front, aren’t you?
Sue: I understand your concern, but I can’t be just sitting around doing nothing, either. I can’t stand simply watching the others fight while I hide in safety.
Shin: I do understand how you feel. But Lady Sue, please don’t push yourself over the limit. You are the clan’s last hope.
Sue: Then that is more the reason I should go up front and fight.
Shin: That depends on the place and time. Not everyone will follow somebody just because he is fighting in the front lines. Lady Sue, we have a goal. We must gather our people and reconstruct the Kutolah clan. Please do not forget that.
Sue: You, too.
Shin: Huh? Me?
Sue: I don’t want you to push yourself over the limit to protect me, either. I am not the only one working to reconstruct the clan.
Shin: Yes, you’re right. I shall remember that, my lady.
Sue: Thank you. Do you promise not to stress yourself?
Shin: Yes.

A Support

Sue: Shin, are you all right?
Shin: What is the matter, Lady Sue? You don’t look well…
Sue: I heard you were ambushed…
Shin: I’m not hurt, my lady.
Sue: …Shin, I want you to retreat to the back lines. I will take over for you.
Shin: What are you saying, Lady Sue? It should be the other way around!
Sue: I’ve made up my mind. You’re going to step back.
Shin: But…
Sue: Retreat to the back lines, Shin! This is an order.
Shin: Is something wrong? You’re not acting like yourself.
Sue: …Everyone… They were all killed by Bern… I couldn’t even track down the traitor in our ranks, and…our clansmen were all killed, right in front of my eyes… I was helpless, Shin. I don’t want to experience that feeling again. I don’t want to lose you!
Shin: Lady Sue…
Sue: You must not die before I do. Understood?
Shin: I was ordered to protect you, Lady Sue. There is no way I would leave you and die.
Sue: Do you promise?
Shin: I shall swear to Father Sky and Mother Earth.