Thany & Juno

C Support

Thany: It’s big sister Juno!
Juno: Thany. Have you been well?
Thany: Yes! Really well.
Juno: It’s already been a year since you left for your training… Are you getting along with the members of the mercenary band? I heard they were all men, but are you doing all right?
Thany: Yeah, I’m doing fine! They’re all really nice people. And I’m doing really well in battle, too! I’m the one doing all the work.
Juno: Really?
Thany: And then! After we joined with Master Roy, the enemies started getting stronger… But still it’s as if I defeated all of them!
Juno: Wow… That’s amazing. You’ve been working hard, Thany…
Thany: Teehee…

B Support

Thany: Juno!
Juno: What is it, Thany?
Thany: Teach me how to ride a pegasus like you. The way you fly is really neat. I wish I could fly like that…
Juno: I’d like to, but not now. We’re in a battle. I can teach you when we have some free time…
Thany: …Oh. Then let’s practice our move!
Juno: Move…?
Thany: The Triangle Attack!
Juno: Oh, that move that Mother used to tell us about… But we need Tate to do the Triangle Attack.
Thany: Oh…right. Then, um…
Juno: What’s the matter, Thany?
Thany: We just met after a long time, right? I don’t want to be separated so quickly again…
Juno: …You always used to stick to me like that ever since you were little. Thany, I want you to be a good girl and wait until the war is over. Then you can be close to me however much you want…
Thany: Yeah…you’re right. Okay!

A Support

Thany: Juno!
Juno: Thany. I haven’t told you this yet, but…
Thany: What?
Juno: While you were away, we had a baby girl.
Thany: What!? A baby between you and Zealot!? Where, where? I want to carry her…
Juno: I can’t bring her to the battlefield, Thany. I entrusted her to the nannies back home. You can see her when we go home.
Thany: Yay! Juno’s baby…she must be so cute! Oh, I really want to see her.
Juno: You will, don’t worry.
Thany: Wait. Then… That makes me an…aunt? But I’m still so young…