Thany & Zealot

C Support

Thany: Zealot!
Zealot: Thany.
Thany: Hey Zealot… Oh wait, you’re now my brother because you’re Juno’s husband…
Zealot: You can call me as you wish.
Thany: Oh, right! I wanted to ask you something. How did you meet Juno?
Zealot: Well… Perhaps some other time.
Thany: Why? Don’t be mean. Come on, tell me!
Zealot: No, I’m not being mean… You’ll understand when you grow up, but you shouldn’t go around asking things like that…
Thany: But I really want to know… As your sister, I should know these things…

*Zealot leaves*

Thany: Zealot? Wait!

B Support

Thany: Zealot!
Zealot: …You won’t let me go, will you?
Thany: But I’m family to you. I want to know about my relatives…
Zealot: Hm… All right, I suppose. …We first met in battle in Etruria. Juno’s pegasus squad was hired by our enemy side.
Thany: Whoa…
Zealot: I attempted to settle things peacefully through discussion. Juno was a beautiful and caring woman, so things went well. And then, things just progressed after that.
Thany: What were your proposal words?
Zealot: Y-You want me to tell you that much?
Thany: Yes. I’m your family…aren’t I?
Zealot: Er…
Thany: Did you propose first? Or was it Juno?
Zealot: Well…

A Support

Thany: I’m glad you turned out to be a good person. You and Juno really looked perfect together.
Zealot: Thank you. I’m relieved that you didn’t start hating me.
Thany: Why would I hate you? You strong, you’re kind… And besides, you’re the man Juno fell in love with.
Zealot: By the way… What about you? Do you have someone in mind?
Thany: Sorry, that’s a secret!
Zealot: W-What? After making me confess that much, you’re not telling me?
Thany: We’re family. Family members have to have some secrets!
Zealot: W-Wait, Thany…
Thany: See ya!