Ward & Thany

C Support

Ward: So, who’s next! …? Hey! Thany!
Thany: Hey, Ward. What’s wrong?
Ward: Don’t be scurrying around the front lines so much.
Thany: What!? Scurrying around!?
Ward: It’s annoying when some weakling who gets shot down so easily by a puny archer is flying around all over the place!
Thany: Oh, yeah!? Well, it’s a pain for me to have some slow axefighter with no brains fighting near me as well! Haven’t you ever heard of the concept of dodging?
Ward: What did you say! You pickin’ a fight with me!?
Thany: You’re the one picking the fight! Well, even if we do fight, there’s no way that slow axe of yours is gonna reach me up here.
Ward: Hey… Thany! No fair! Get down here!
Thany: No way! Catch me if you can, slowpoke!

*Thany flies off*

Ward: Goddammit! Why does she always have to mess things up for me!?

B Support

Thany: Phew…
Ward: A little early to be relaxing, ain’t it?
Thany: Ow! Hey! What did you do that for?
Ward: There was an enemy archer aiming at you from the bushes.
Thany: What…
Ward: And here you are, taking it easy. What an idiot.
Thany: Idiot? Who’s an idiot!
Ward: Someone who just decides to relax during a battle seems like an idiot to me. You’re lucky I just happened to pass by. If not, you would’ve been a goner by now.
Thany: What!? Hmph, I could easily have taken care of a single archer. You didn’t have to put me in your debt by saving me like that.
Ward: Oh, is that so! Well excuse me! Fine then, I’ll just be watching from now on. Good luck!

*Ward leaves*

Thany: That idiot! I couldn’t thank him…

A Support

Ward: Where did she go?
Thany: Oh, it’s Ward. What are you doing here? I told you to leave this part up to me.
Ward: That doesn’t mean you just go flying off on your own! We have to listen to the leader’s orders…
Thany: But if we just sit around waiting for orders, we could miss a big chance!
Ward: Don’t you get it!? What if you just dashed out on your own into a bunch of enemy archers! How come we always have to have people like you who just don’t think before they act…
Thany: ? I thought you were angry about me flying off on my own.
Ward: Of course I am! We need to work as a team in a battle…
Thany: Then what was all that about the archers and stuff?
Ward: !! T-That was…
Thany: …Were you worried about me?
Ward: W-W-What are you talking about! N-N-No way! I-I was just telling you about how we should act in battle…
Thany: Ward, you’re tripping over your words.
Ward: Erg…
Thany: Hey, Ward.
Ward: What?
Thany: Thanks.
Ward: …Gimme a break. That’s not like you at all.
Thany: Teehee… Yeah, you’re right.