Wendy & Oujay

C Support

Oujay: What are you doing, Wendy?
Wendy: I’m practicing my walking.
Oujay: Walking? Why?
Wendy: For an Armor Knight, it’s tough to get back up if you fall to the ground. You have to build strong legs to make sure that you will never fall.
Oujay: I see.
Wendy: The basics are everything, Oujay.

B Support

Oujay: Ha! Ha!
Wendy: Oujay, are you doing practice swings with your sword?
Oujay: Yes. I can’t be losing to you, so I thought I’d retrain myself from the basics as well.
Wendy: I see. But, I won’t lose to you, either.
Oujay: I suppose we’ve got a little competition going, then.

A Support

Oujay: How are you doing, Wendy?
Wendy: I’m doing well, of course. I can’t be complaining if I want to be a strong Armor Knight.
Oujay: Yes, me too. If I want to be a powerful mercenary…
Wendy: …Oujay, thank you.
Oujay: Wh-What?
Wendy: I’ve been able to keep trying because I’m competing with you. If I didn’t have you with me, I probably would have given up, saying, ‘It wouldn’t have been possible for a girl like me, anyway.’
Oujay: …I feel the same way. I’ve been able to come this far thanks to you. We’re even.
Wendy: Yes. But I still won’t allow myself to lose to you.
Oujay: I’ll throw those words right back at you, Wendy.