Short Endings

Roy – Young Lion

Returned home and worked to rebuild Pherae.

Fa – Divine Dragon

Disappeared and was never heard of again.

Marcus – Loyal Paladin

Enjoyed retired life.

Allen – Ferocious Knight

Used his fire to help rebuild Pherae.

Bors – Impregnable Knight

Worked to rebuild Ostia.

Wolt – Dutiful Archer

Helped Roy rebuild Pherae.

Lance – Tranquil Knight

Used his calmness to help rebuild Pherae.

Ellen – Saint of Bern

Worked to help rebuild Bern.

Thany – Cheerful Knight

Returned home and was knighted.

Dieck – Wounded Tiger

Continued his mercenary career.

Ward – Confident Axefighter

Helped develop the Western Isles.

Lott – Silent Axefighter

Returned home and lived happily.

Chad – Lycian Linx

Quit thievery and worked to help orphans.

Lugh – Child of Anima

Built a magic school for orphans.

Clarine – Unruly Princess

Returned to Etruria and led life as she did before.

Rutger – Lone Swordsman

Disappeared like the wind.

Saul – Priest of Freedom

Became a wandering missionary.

Dorothy – Gentle Archer

Returned home and led a normal life.

Sue – Doe of the Plains

Contiuned life in Sacae as a nomad.

Zealot – Leader of Knights

Returned home and helped rebuild Ilia.

Treck – Peaceful Knight

Continued life as a mercenary knight.

Noah – Vagrant Knight

Set out to travel to test his strength.

Lilina – Beautiful Duchess

Returned home and worked to rebuild Ostia.

Astohl – Shadow of Ostia

Disappeared without a trace.

Wendy – Beautiful Knight

Lived life as an Armor Knight.

Barth – Knight of Justice

Reconstructed the divided the Ostian Army.

Oujay – The Little Hero

Traveled the world as a mercenary.

Fir – Heir to the Sword Saint

Traveled the world in training.

Shin – Falcon of Sacae

Joined a new clan in Sacae.

Gonzales – Gentle Brigand

Returned to his home on the Western Isles.

Geese – Ruler of the Seas

Reopened his trading routes in the Western Isles.

Klein – Silver Prince

Put down his bow and became an ambassador.

Tate – Rider of the Winds

Became the reunited Pegasus Knights’ first flightleader.

Lalam – Cheerful Dancer

Continued life as a wandering dancer.

Echidna – Goddess of the West

Returned to the Western Isles.

Elphin – Seer of Truth

Disappeared before anyone could notice.

Bartre – Ferocious Warrior

Opened a small bar.

Ray – Child of Darkness

Traveled the world honing his magic.

Cath – Master Thief

Set out to travel the world as a thief.

Miredy – Crimson Knight

Helped Guinevere rebuild Bern.

Percival – Knight Among Knights

Rose to the top of the Etrurian military.

Cecilia – Daughter of Etruria

Worked to rebuild Etruria.

Sofiya – Prophet of Nabata

Returned to Nabata and was never heard of again.

Igrene – Guardian of Nabata

Returned to Nabata and disappeared.

Garret – Veteran Berserker

Quit banditry and led a normal life.

Hugh – Streetwise Mage

Continued his studies in magic.

Zeis – Black Lightning

Helped Guinevere rebuild Bern.

Douglas – Lionhearted General

Retired and lived peacefully.

Niime – Hermit on the Mountain

Returned to the mountains and disappeared.

Dayan – Silver Wolf

Reunited his former clansmen.

Juno – Legendary Flightleader

Worked to reunite the Ilian Pegasus Knights.

Yodel – Legendary Bishop

Continued to spread the words of Elimine.

Karel – Sword Saint

Retired to a small village in Bern.