Memory Prisms

Memory Prisms are the crystalised form of memories found scattered across the lands. They can be viewed using Mila’s Turnwheel.

Note: Dialogues can be found found here.

Number Name Characters Shard Location
1 Amid the Flames Celica and Mycen Seabound Shrine – Mila Shrine
2 An Oath at Dawn Clive and Fernand Duma Temple (just after the entrance area)
3 May I Have This Dance? Berkut and Rinea Duma Temple (area with the scorching flames)
4 The Lasting Promise Mycen and Rudolf Rigel Castle – Grand Portal
5 Memories of the Villa Celica and Conrad Sage’s Hamlet – Sage’s House
6 The Flirt and the Faithful Silque and Jesse Grieth’s Citadel – Entrance
7 Drifter from a Distant Land Zeke and Tatiana Rigel Village – Entrance (after Zeke has been recruited)
8 Leaving the Past Behind Python and Forsyth Zofia Castle – Balcony
9 Eventide Intrigue Desaix and Slayde Forest Village – House 2
10 A Land of Gods and Men Duma and Mila Thabes Labyrinth – B10 (after defeating the boss)