Memory Prisms

Memory Prisms are the crystalised form of memories found scattered across the lands. They can be viewed using Mila’s Turnwheel.

Note: Dialogues can be found found here.

Number Name Characters Shard Location
1 Amid the Flames Celica and Mycen Seabound Shrine – Mila Shrine
2 An Oath at Dawn Clive and Fernand Duma Temple (just after the entrance area)
3 May I Have This Dance? Berkut and Rinea Duma Temple (area with the scorching flames)
4 The Lasting Promise Mycen and Rudolf Rigel Castle – Grand Portal
5 Memories of the Villa Celica and Conrad Sage’s Hamlet – Sage’s House
6 The Flirt and the Faithful Silque and Jesse Grieth’s Citadel – Entrance
7 Drifter from a Distant Land Zeke and Tatiana Rigel Village – Entrance (after Zeke has been recruited)
8 Leaving the Past Behind Python and Forsyth Zofia Castle – Balcony
9 Eventide Intrigue Desaix and Slayde Forest Village – House 2
10 A Land of Gods and Men Duma and Mila Thabes Labyrinth – B10 (after defeating the boss)
11 A Suitable Suitor Fernand and Clair Clear the DLC map “Battle of Zofia Harbor”
12 Love’s Beginnings Clive and Mathilda Clear the DLC map “Battle of Zofia Harbor”
13 Happy Memories Mathilda and Fernand Clear the DLC map “Flight from the Ruins”