Celica & Atlas

C Support

Celica: Hello, Atlas.

Atlas: Lady Celica!

Celica: I hope you’re feeling well. I often worry that you push yourself too hard.

Atlas: Heh heh! Aw, a little scrap like this ain’t nothing to worry about. Heck, I do this kinda thing to unwind!

Celica: You talk like it’s a tavern brawl! Though I wager the general idea’s the same.

Atlas: More or less, yeah. So you can keep the orders coming! You saved my life, remember? Gotta do what I can to pay you back.

Celica: I see. Well, thank you, Atlas. Just please be careful, okay?

B Support

Atlas: ……

Celica: What’s wrong, Atlas? We’re in combat, yet you seem distracted.

Atlas: Sorry, Lady Celica. I was just thinking of my little brothers and got a mite distracted. I hope they’re doing all right.

Celica: I hope so, too. You must miss them most terribly.

Atlas: Yeah, but some things just have to wait. Right now, we need to focus on cleaning this place up!

Celica: ……

A Support

Celica: Atlas, I’ve been thinking…

Atlas: Oh! Um, yeah? I mean…what about?

Celica: Well, I know you miss your younger brothers a great deal… So I thought, maybe it would help to think of me as your younger sister.

Atlas: Um…sorry?

Celica: I know brothers and sisters aren’t quite the same, especially as we aren’t blood, but, well, I thought it might help regardless.

Atlas: Well, gosh. That’s awfully nice, but it’s a bit more than “not quite” the same. I mean, you’re about a million times too proper to pass for one’a my brothers…

Celica: Ah. I see. In that case, I apologize. It’s just that I see you giving your all for my sake, so… well, I was merely hoping there might be something I could do for you.

Atlas: That’s a swell thought, Lady Celica. But just the thought’s more than enough for me. I knew you were kind, but you’re also pretty dang interesting to boot! Makes me that much happier I signed on with you.

Celica: I-is that so? Well, I’m glad to hear it. At least…I think I’m glad?