Lilith’s Temple

Credits: FE if walkthrough wiki (stat gains), Pegasus Knight (maximum stats)

Lilith’s Temple is a shrine in My Castle where you can feed Lilith the Astral Dragon. When defending your castle, Lilith aids you as a NPC unit and her stats depend on how you’ve fed her.

Upgrade Details

Level Chapter Completion Required Dragon Vein Points
2 11 1
3 16 1

Giving Food

You can feed Lilith with foodstuff found in My Castle once per phase of the day (morning, afternoon, evening or night). Practically speaking, this is once per battle or 6 hours between gameplay.

After Lilith finishes eating, she will automatically Level Up and her stats will increase according to the foodstuff offered.

Note: If Lilith’s stat gain ends in 0.5, there will be no visible change until she gains another 0.5.

Foodstuffs Stat Increase
Meat, Beans  HP +1, Strength +1, other stats +0.5
Berries, Peaches  Magic +1, other stats +0.5
Milk, Fish  Speed +1, other stats +0.5
Wheat, Rice  Defence +1, other stats +0.5
Cabbage, Daikon  Resistance +1, other stats +0.5

In addition, after every 3rd offering, Lilith will reward the player with a Gold Bar.

Combat Potential

During battles, Lilith is always stationed at the entrance of Lilith’s Temple and she does not move. However, her Astral Breath (Conquest/Revelation only) and Astral Protection (Birthright/Revelation only) both have 1~5 range.

Tip: Lilith’s weapon and staff both run off Magic, so the main reason to focus on her Strength is to boost her HP at the same time.

Like other units, Lilith’s stats have a limit, but the limit is tied to the Level of Lilith’s Temple.

Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
1 30 8 15 9 13 15 10 15
2 45 18 25 19 23 25 20 25
3 60 28 35 29 33 35 30 35