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Note: There are story spoilers hidden behind the black bars.


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fefates-class-lancer Lancer Weapon Rank Lance
Common soldiers. They fights with lances.
fefates-class-lord Lord fefates-icon-sword
A title given to a young royal. Fights with swords.
fefates-class-cleric Cleric Weapon Rank Staff
Uses healing staves to aid allies. Cannot fight.
fefates-class-nohrking Nohrian King Weapon Rank Axe
The King of Nohr. He has inherited a large amount of dusk dragon blood.
fe15-class-nosferatu Faceless fefates-icon-fist
Undead monsters. They attack by striking opponents with their fists.
fe15-class-golem Stoneborn fefates-boulder
Statues that move by magic. They attack by launching boulders from afar.
fefates-class-puppet Automaton Weapon Rank Bow fefates-icon-puppet
Dolls that move by clockwork. In addition to yumi, they attack with saws.
fefates-class-dragon Feral Dragon fefates-icon-breath
An unidentified dragon. Said to possess power that rivals the gods.
fe15-class-stardragon Astral Dragon Weapon Rank Staff fefates-icon-breath
A dragon that resides in the Astral Plane. Said to reign over myriad pocket worlds.
Unknown Blight Dragon fefates-icon-breath
A dusk dragon of Nohr. The dragon form of King Garon, successor of the dusk dragon’s blood.
Unknown Silent Dragon fefates-icon-breath
One of the First Dragons. A dragon that rules over water. Can see the future and control peoples’ hearts.
Unknown Empty Vessel Weapon Rank Axe
An unidentified water monster. Upon receiving significant damage, it disperses to cause damage.


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fefates-class-dreadfighter Dread Fighter fefates-icon-sword fefates-icon-axe fefates-icon-kunai
Those who have learned elusive battle arts. They disorientate foes with katanas, clubs and shurikens.
fefates-class-darkfalcon Dark Falcon Weapon Rank Lance Weapon Rank Tome
Knights who ride astride a pitch-black pegasus. They rush the battlefield armed with lances and tomes.
 fefates-class-ballistician Ballistician Weapon Rank Bow
An Outrealm class. Rides a mobile cannon. In addition to bows, it can use cannons to inflict wide damage to enemy troops.
 fefates-class-witch Witch Weapon Rank Tome
An Outrealm class. Has the ability to manipulate space. Can teleport great distances in the blink of an eye.


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 fefates-class-lodestar Lodestar Weapon Rank Sword
An Outrealm class. A legendary hero spoken of in sagas. Fights wielding swords.
  Vanguard Weapon Rank Sword Weapon Rank Axe
An Outrealm class. A commander who fights at the front-lines. Can wield both swords and axes.
 fefates-class-greatlord Great Lord Weapon Rank Sword Weapon Rank Lance
An Outrealm class. A powerful royal who leads armies. Can wield lances, in addition to swords.
 fefates-class-grandmaster Grandmaster Weapon Rank Sword Weapon Rank Tome
An Outrealm class. A tactician with a gift for commanding troops. Can fight with swords and tomes.


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fefates-class-pegasusk Pegasus Knight Weapon Rank Lance
An Outrealm class. A knight who soars astride a pegasus. Fights wielding lances.