World Map

The world map becomes available upon completion of Chapter 6.


Here, you can advance to the next mission, visit the Dragon’s Gate (to access DLC), alter the difficulty level, start any available sidequests or return to My Castle.

Optional Battles

If playing the Birthright or Revelation campaigns, optional “challenge” battles will occasionally appear in locations you’ve already cleared in the story.

You can also force challenge battles to appear by choosing the “Scout” option and paying Gold–the amount required depending on the selected location.

Defending your Castle

For all campaigns, as you progress through the story, you will encounter up to three “Invasion” battles that occur in your castle.

Unlike regular challenge battles, these type of battles can only be played once. However you can enjoy more of these battles via StreetPass, SpotPass or Multiplayer.


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(Map of Valla | Astral Plane)