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English name Eltshan
Japanese name エルトシャン (Erutoshan)
Class Paladin
Title Lion King
Country Nodion (Agustria)
Relations Lachesis (sister)
Grahnye (wife)
Aless (son)

Official Artwork


Eltshan lead the Cross Knights of Silvail. He was known to be a courageous man who followed his King, believing that it was his duty. However, he had a sister, Lachesis of Nodion, who he cared for deeply, so deeply that he considered reasoning with his king instead of fighting her during his last battle in Agustria.


Eltshan, being a descendant of Hezul, is able to wield the holy sword, Mistoltin. He and his wife, Grahnye, care for their son, Aless. It is noted that Aless greatly resembles his father in appearance.

Eltshan and Lachesis also have different mothers. At one point, Grahnye brings Aless to Grayne’s mother-in-law, on Lachesis’ side, living in Lenster.


Eltshan is first seen greeting Sigurd and Cuan when they passed through Verdane, implying that they held history with each other when they were younger. During the battle for Verdane, Eltshan helped fight off Elliot, who had came to take advantage of Grandbell by destroying Sigurd’s army. When he got back to his country, however, the King had him detained for acting against his own allies.

Six months later, King Shagall of Agustria ordered Eltshan to repel the Grandbell troops from Agustria to prove that he was loyal to the King. Eltshan followed his king’s orders and attacked Sigurd’s army. However, Eltshan refused to fight his sister, who was with Sigurd’s army at the time, and hence went to convince King Chagall to reconsider. Before leaving, Eltshan left Lachesis with the Earth Sword. After failing to convince Chagall to call off the attack, the leader of the Cross Knights was branded a traitor and executed on the spot.