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English name Dheginsea
Japanese name デギンハンザー (Deginhanzā)
Class Dragon King
Title Black Dragon King
Country Goldoa
Relations Rajaion, Almehda, Kurthnaga (children)

Official Artwork


Dheginsea is the king of Goldoa, a black dragon of incredible, godlike power. He was one of Ashera’s Three Heroes who helped stop the “Dark God”. He is lawful neutral, which leads to other nations believing that he is insensitive to their troubles.


In Path of Radiance

The Black Dragon King remained neutral throughout the Mad King’s War. He, however, prepared a meeting place for all the laguz royalty. There, Caineghis and he discussed matters concerning the Mad King’s War and he also advised the bird kings. He warned Tibarn and Reyson that their so-called vengeance against Begnion will only gain them Begnion’s wrath and nothing more. He also advised Naesala to stop his extreme actions, telling him that expanding his country would do him no good if he found enemies at every border.

In Radiant Dawn

The Laguz Alliance, finding themselves in a tight spot, escape Begnion through the Kauku Caves, which are known for being dangerous due to the large amount of unstable magma inside. From the caves, they hope to enter Gallia but instead stumble upon Goldoa. There, they pay Dheginsea a visit and tell him what happened and how they ended up in Goldoa. Dheginsea, though understanding their plight, does not allow them to pass from Goldoa to Gallia and instead demands they return to the caves and find the way to Gallia through there. This act of stubbornness enrages many members of the Laguz Alliance, including Tibarn and Skrimir. Ike remarks bitterly about Dheginsea’s demands, which prompts Dheginsea to tell him that he does not understand, for not having lived long enough. Finally, Ena and Nasir beg the king to give them passage because Reyson is among them and he was the one who allowed Rajaion to have a peaceful death. Hearing this, Dheginsea grudgingly allows them to pass to Gallia through Goldoa.

After Ashera judges the world and Yune’s Chosen Ones reach the Tower of Guidance, Yune informs them that while they were making their way towards the tower, she went around the world and gathered as much help as possible, but she found no one in Goldoa. And sure enough, the group finds Dheginsea and his army of dragons inside the tower. Dheginsea informs them that they have broken their plea with the goddess by constantly warring and must now await punishment. Though Micaiah tells him that it was not war that woke Ashera up, but the Galdr of Release, he does not believe her. Dheginsea and his army then try to stop the Chosen Ones in their tracks, but after a long, hard-fought battle, they are defeated.

Dheginsea falls to the ground and transforms back into his human state. Yune then approaches him, and he immediately recognizes her, apologizing for all he has done and admitting that he was wrong. He admits to having changed history, naming Yune a “dark god” despite knowing that she wasn’t evil but merely too young to control her power, and hiding his own tracks so that other kings would learn and not fight. He also says that it was he who claimed that a union between a laguz and a beorc is taboo and violates the laws of the goddess. It is then that Yune asks him why he still sided with Ashera if he knew what was right. Dheginsea replies that he thought of it as punishment for all he has done, resulting in Yune calling him a “stubborn scalebag”. Dheginsea then asks Yune to forgive him for all he has done, which she does. After all this, Dheginsea has Gareth gather all the survivors from the battle and annotates Kurthnaga as their new commander. He wishes a life full of happiness for Ena and thanks Nasir for following his king so far even though Nasir had once left his country in disgust. He then tells Kurthnaga to lead the army to victory, and that he (Dheginsea) must remain in one place for he is wounded. A while after, his spirit parts and he dies.

In a memory scene, it is revealed that Dheginsea went to great lengths to prevent his own country from creating chaos. Lehran asks him to help with freeing the laguz slaves in Begnion, while he refuses, saying that their covenant with the goddess was to not have any wars. This has Lehran asking him if he thinks it would console the slaves if they knew that Dheginsea was indifferent to their situation, to which Dheginsea replies that all things require sacrifice. Dheginsea’s stance makes Lehran leave Goldoa and go to Begnion to find a solution without him.

In an info conversation, Gareth and Nasir reveal a great deal about Dheginsea’s actions before and during the Mad King’s War. They tell Ike and Micaiah that he had strictly forbidden other dragons to engage in any kind of contact and interaction with the outside world, specifically combat. Almedha, the princess of Goldoa, was against her father’s policies. She fled to Daein where she fell in love with the young prince Ashnard. Dheginsea began worrying and sent a unit of red dragons to retrieve her. They were, however, caught by Daein and warped into Feral Ones. With the failure of the red dragons, Rajaion, prince of Goldoa and heir to the throne, sacrificed himself for Almedha’s freedom. The loss of two children, one dearer than the other, was a heavy blow to Dheginsea. Even so, he still did not waver in his neutrality, but was near doing so had Ike not won the Mad King’s War when he did.