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English name Gatrie
Japanese name ガトリー (Gatorī)
Class Knight → General *1
Lance General → Marshall *2
Title Perpetual Guardian
Country Crimea

*1: In Path of Radiance
*2: In Radiant Dawn

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Gatrie is a member of the Greil Mercenaries, and one of its senior members. He is a frank, gullible man and a womanizer, considering obtaining beautiful women his one goal in life. Fellow mercenary Shinon is his closest friend.


In Path of Radiance

Gatrie first appeared to save Mist and Rolf, the only children in the mercenary company, from a group of bandits who had taken them hostage. Commander Greil led Gatrie and Shinon in the rescue mission, which later included rescuing Ike, who had staged a rescue on his own. Later on, Gatrie assisted Ike in driving off a band of pirates who were raising havoc in a nearby port town. When reports of war were brought back to the fort, Gatrie was among the mercenaries who discovered the unconscious Princess Elincia. Shortly after the princess was brought to their fort, the armies of Daein forced the company south into Gallia, and it later forced Gatrie out of the company for a period of time. Commander Greil was met by the Black Knight, a former student of his, and killed in a duel with this mysterious General of Daein. Both Gatrie and Shinon took their leader’s death badly and left the company behind.

During his time away from the mercenary company, Gatrie found employment as a bodyguard for Astrid, a young noblewoman from Begnion. By chance, he was aboard ship with his new charge when two ships met them. One ship carried none other than Ike himself, while the other was under the command of Daein. After speaking to Ike and Astrid, and helping to fend off not only Daein soldiers but the raven laguz of Kilvas, Gatrie rejoined the Greil Mercenaries under Ike’s command. During their stay in the Begnion Empire, Gatrie found himself quite content to roam the halls of Mainal Cathedral and stare at the “flowers” which were in fact, the temple handmaidens. In his words, every woman he’d seen there was “drop-dead gorgeous.” After the company’s business in Begnion was complete, the journey took Gatrie into Daein where he was reunited with Shinon. It was after this point that his love of women worked against him. Gatrie told Shinon he’d fallen for a woman with a fatal condition and had given her money for treatments. Gatrie seemed unconcerned about being taken advantage of, even after he learned he’d been tricked.

After the defeat of King Ashnard in Melior, the capital of Crimea, Gatrie returned to the fort along with the other mercenaries.

In Radiant Dawn

After taking part in a surprise attack against the Crimean rebels, Gatrie was thrown into a new war when Ike accepted the offer of the Laguz Alliance to defeat the Begnion Empire. Over the course of the war, Gatrie’s ever-widening circle of women reached the laguz; he began flirting with Lyre, the twin sister of Gallian warrior Lethe, much to Shinon’s disgust. When the goddess Ashera began raining her judgement upon Tellius, the army split into three groups to reach the Begnion captial, and Gatrie fell into the group under Ike’s command. After the departure of Ashera and her counterpart, Yune, from the world, Gatrie became a household name as a mercenary. Though he came across many women in his lifetime, true love was something Gatrie never found.