Credits: Eltoshen



English name Largo
Japanese name ラルゴ (Rarugo)
Class Berserker
Country Begnion
Relations Calill (wife)
Amy (adopted daughter)

Official Artwork


Largo is a huge man of muscles who strides around shirtless, choosing to wear only a pair of shoulder guards so he’s able to show off his body. The rest of his clothing, his pants, his shoes, and his cape, all seem to be made out of some sort of animal skin. He has the ability to entertain others while keeping them happy as his personality is a rather giddy one. Largo does have a problem retaining his memories, though, so he uses a notebook to write down his thoughts.


In Path of Radiance

Largo makes his first appearance one to remember. He wanders to the campground where Ike had stationed his troops and, on his way to find the general, he sees Ike walking around. Largo asks Ike to take him to the commander of the army as he offers his skills as a “World Class Berserker”. Ike reveals himself to be the general of the army, causing Largo to burst out laughing. Before Largo can belittle Ike’s title any further, Calill shows up and confirms the fact. Largo is left embarrassed, and he apologizes to Ike for capping on him.

During a conversation with Tauroneo, Largo reveals his plans to open a pub one day near his hometown, Begnion. When asked what he would name it, Largo comes up with rather interesting names including “Savory Pies And Stuff” and “All You Beorc And Laguz Come On Down And Get Yourself A Meat Pie Pub”. In the end, he decides to name it “Calill” as Tauroneo advises him to name it after the one thing most important to him. As to where he would eventually open the pub, Largo ponders over opening it in his hometown, Begnion, or some other country.

In Radiant Dawn

Sometime after Queen Elincia is restored to the throne, he opens a pub, as promised, but in Crimea, not Begnion. He also adopts a daughter, Amy, after marrying Calill. Eventually, Calill would go and help Queen Elincia’s army fight Ludveck’s army, leaving Largo to care for Amy. Sadly, Largo is unable to help, as his right arm was injured badly.

Amy is eventually picked up by Geoffrey and brought to Elincia. It seems Amy is oblivious as to what happened to her father, but your army knows that Largo was one of the victims of Ashera’s judgement, which turned him to stone. Largo is restored to normal after Ashera’s defeat, however, thanks to Yune.