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English name Nephenee
Japanese name ネフェニー (Nefenī)
Class Soldier → Halberdier *1
Halberdier → Sentinel *2
Title Relentless Halberdier
Country Crimea

*1: In Path of Radiance
*2: In Radiant Dawn

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Nephenee is a country girl from the village of Ohma in Crimea. She joined the local militia to protect her home and the fields. She does not converse much with others; she is afraid someone will hear her strong country accent and laugh at her. Because of her shyness, she keeps her face mostly covered by her helmet.


In Path of Radiance

Nephenee is first introduced to the story as a prisoner locked up in Canteus Castle. After a skirmish, Nephenee, along with the other prisoners, are finally saved by Ike and his mercenaries. After her rescue she swears her allegiance to Princess Elincia and begins to fight by her side. She returns to the countryside after the Mad King’s War.

Nephenee’s conversations with Brom reveal that she has five siblings: two sisters and three brothers, with the brothers being six-year-old triplets. Her mother cares for them all alone. These conversations also explain that the reason Nephenee and Brom were captured was because their militia was poorly equipped, having to share weapons with others who joined. They lacked good training as well, as they were really only taught how to stand for roll call. It is also made apparent that Nephenee is self-conscious about her way of speaking, as she has a heavy southern accent, also shown during one of her chats with Calill.

In Radiant Dawn

About 3 years after Queen Elincia’s coronation, Yeardley, one of Lord Ludveck’s men, comes to Ohma. He begins to rile up the youth there and convince them to join in the ‘revolution’, a plot to put Ludveck on the throne. Nephenee observes the situation and decides to inform Brom about it. Nephenee tells him what is going on and advises him to bring his armor. They later meet up and confront Yeardley. By this time, the youth have bought into every word Yeardley says, and they attack Brom and Nephenee. Together, they fight to defeat Yeardley and set the youth straight.

After the battle, Nephenee travels to Melior with Brom to inform Queen Elincia about Lord Ludveck’s possible uprising. She accompanies Lucia to Ludveck’s mansion to find a reason to arrest him. After Lord Ludveck finally reveals his true colors and attacks Fort Alpea, she still continues to aid Queen Elincia by fighting Ludveck’s troops to protect the fort. However, upon his arrest, she accompanies Muston and some others to aid the Laguz Alliance at Ike’s request.

After the war, Nephenee returns to her home in Crimea. She and her family move to Melior, where she continues serving the country she so loved.