Credits: JHwang



English name Zihark
Japanese name ツイハーク (Tsuihāku)
Class Myrmidon → Swordmaster *1
Swordmaster → Trueblade *2
Title Blade of Unity
Country Daein

*1: In Path of Radiance
*2: In Radiant Dawn

Official Artwork


Zihark is a travelling mercenary swordsman originally hailing from Daein. He fights to help the laguz for reasons he keeps to himself.


Not much is known of Zihark’s past, other than that he was born in Daein, and that he eventually fell in love with a laguz of the beast tribe, despite his homeland’s prejudice towards the laguz. Their relationship did not last however, as the stress of being in a forbidden relationship proved too much for her. Despite the premature ending of their relationship, Zihark felt no desire to enter another relationship, and spent his time as a travelling mercenary to aid other laguz.

In Path of Radiance

Zihark is first seen in the Crimean port town of Toha where the Greil Mercenaries are attempting to discreetly board Nasir’s ship. When Ike’s group is discovered alongside the laguz Ranulf, Lethe and Mordecai, the people of Toha raise alarm to the Daein army. Seeing the laguz in danger, Zihark joins a group of Crimean anti-laguz vigilantes as a double agent, making sure that if any of the vigilantes find a “sub-human”, he should be informed immediately. However, upon meeting Lethe and Mordecai, he reveals his true intentions, and offers his assistance to the laguz even if it means cutting down the Crimean vigilantes. He then joins Ike’s group aboard the ship to Begnion. When Ike asks why he aided the laguz, Zihark simply replies that his reasons are “extremely personal,” which is enough to satisfy Ike. Afterwards, Zihark continues to fight alongside the Greil Mercenaries throughout the rest of the war. Upon the defeat of King Ashnard, Zihark travels back to Daein, which, unbeknownst to the rest of the group, is his homeland.

Throughout the Mad King’s War, Zihark becomes close friends with Brom, Ilyana and Muarim. Brom, impressed with Zihark, suggests that he marry one of his daughters, an idea that Zihark doesn’t seem too happy with. Trying to politely refuse, Zihark mentions his past girlfriend and how he “can’t get her out of [his] mind”, but his attempts are unsuccessful, as Brom will later tell all of his daughters about him. In fact, Brom’s second daughter, Meg, would later venture out on her own to find Zihark, whom she believes to be her fiance. Zihark also proves to be resistant against Ilyana’s attempts to pawn food off of him. However, after lecturing her about how it’s wrong to steal food from men whose names she can’t even remember, Zihark agrees to treat her to dinner, and apparently treats her to food a number of times after that as well (23 times, according to Ilyana in Radiant Dawn). Despite his close relationship with Ilyana and Brom, Zihark only reveals his past relationship with a laguz to Muarim.

In Radiant Dawn

Some time in the three year period after the Mad King’s War, Zihark meets up with Tauroneo and Jill, and joins the Daein Liberation Army to help free his homeland from Begnion’s oppression. At the same time, the forgotten “son” of Ashnard, Pelleas, is discovered, and rumors are spread that the King’s forgotten son is raising an army to free Daein. However, Begnion forces discover the whereabouts of the Prince and besiege them at their hideout in the Desert of Death. Zihark makes his first appearance in the game helping Tauroneo and Jill defend the Prince from a Begnion army. Although the three Daein veterans are more skilled than the Begnion army, they are vastly outnumbered and only succeed in driving them off with the aid of the Dawn Brigade, led by Micaiah. After Izuka suggests that Micaiah lead the Daein Liberation Army thanks to her reputation as the “Silver-Haired Maiden,” Micaiah reluctantly agrees, and Zihark continues to fight under her command. The Daein forces eventually emerge victorious, and Pelleas is placed on the throne as King. Afterwards, Zihark remains in Daein to aid in its restoration.

When King Pelleas announces that the Daein Army will march against the Laguz Alliance, Zihark reluctantly joins for the sake of the newly liberated Daein. The Daein Army marches to prevent the laguz from crossing the Ribahn River in Begnion. At this point, it is possible for Zihark to leave the Daein army and join the Greil Mercenaries.

If Zihark rejoins the Greil Mercenaries, he aids them in their escape from Begnion. When Apostle Sanaki announces her intent to reclaim Sienne from the Senate, the Greil Mercenaries join the Apostle’s Army. The army is forced to march through Daein on their way to Begnion, however, due to Daein’s continuous attacks on the Crimean flank. In battle conversations against the Daein army, Zihark expresses confusion as to why his old friends would commit war atrocities against the Apostle’s forces, something he thought they would never approve of.

If Zihark remains with the Daein forces, he is forced to retreat from the Ribahn River back to Daein. He joins the fight against the Apostle’s Army after learning of the blood pact that King Pelleas was tricked into signing, knowing full well that if Daein holds back, the Begnion Senators will unleash the curse of the blood pact upon Daein. In battle conversations against the Apostle’s Army, Zihark expresses regret for betraying his ideals, but continues to fight for Daein nonetheless. Despite this, he refuses to attack close friends, including Brom, Lethe, and particularly Ilyana, whom he feels has been in his life the longest.

Regardless of who he fights for, the war between Daein and the Apostle’s Army causes the chaos energy to spiral out of control, awakening the goddesses from their slumber. The goddess Ashera immediately passes her judgement on laguz and beorc alike, petrifying all but a small group. Zihark joins the goddess Yune’s cause in defeating Ashera and restoring all of the petrified people to normal. After Ashera is defeated, Zihark continues his role as a travelling mercenary, working to resolve laguz-beorc disputes. He eventually settles in Gallia.