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English name Linde
Japanese name リンダ (Rinda)
Class Mage → Bishop / Sage *1
Title Miloah’s Child / Light Mage *2
Country Akaneia
Relations Miloah (father)

*1: Bishop in FE1/3, Sage in Shadow Dragon
*2: Book 1 and Book 2 titles respectively

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Linda is the only daughter of Akaneia’s Pontifex Miloah, who was killed by Gharnef. She is a passionate young girl who inherited the powerful Aura tome from her deceased father.


In Shadow Dragon

In the first year of Doluna’s invasion, Pontifex Miloah died protecting Akaneia from the fiendish Gharnef. Linde, his daughter, managed to evade Gharnef’s capture, by disguising herself as a boy. However, when she reached Knorda Market, she was caught by slave traders (in FE1/3) or taken hostage by a gang of ruffians (in Shadow Dragon).

Later, the Akaneian League, led by Marth, marches to the Kingdom of Akaneia to free it from Doluna’s grasp. There, Marth rescues Linde. Marth mentions how Nyna has been worried about her and he promises to protect her from then on. Linde refuses his offer and states that she wishes to fight as well, to avenge her father. She says that she can use her father’s Aura tome, as long as Nyna permits.

Despite being allowed to fight as a member of the League, Linde is watched over by Merric, although Merric jokingly proclaims that Mages don’t require looking after. To start a conversation, Merric mentions how he studied at Khadein, and Linde states that her father studied there as well, a long time ago. She tells Merric that her father was the only friend she needed, and Merric apologises for reminding her of her father’s death. The two presumably become good friends afterwards.

Once the war with Doluna is over, Linde enters Nyna’s protection and becomes an official at the Akaneian royal court.

In Mystery of the Emblem

Two years after the War of Darkness, Linde leaves Akaneia in search of Marth. However, during her journey, she is captured by Medonian rebels.

Fortunately, Marth comes and releases her from confinement. He is surprised to see Linde at first, and asks why she is travelling by herself. Linde explains that she was ordered by Nyna to deliver the Fire Emblem to Marth. Marth is puzzled and asks for more information, but Linde has none to provide, except that Nyna appeared to be crying when she made the request. Nonetheless, Marth suggests that Linde travel with his group, to ensure her safety.

After the War of Heroes ends, Linde works at the newly established magic academy at Akaneia’s royal palace. It is suggested that there was someone she liked there, presumedly Merric, who taught sorcery at the same academy.