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English name Maria
Japanese name マリア (Maria)
Class Cleric → Bishop / Bishop *1
Title Petit Princess
Country Medon
Relations Osmond (father)
Michalis, Minerva (siblings)

*1: Cleric → Bishop in Book 1, Bishop in Book 2

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The second princess of Medon. She was taken hostage by Doluna, during the War of Darkness, to secure their alliance with Medon.



Following Medeus’s resurrection, the entire continent descended into a time of turbulence. Maria’s father, King Osmond of Medon, was assassinated and her brother, Michalis, succeeded him as king. Some time after the coronation, Maria was visited by Michalis. He informed her of the current danger that Medon faced, as Medeus’s Dolunian Empire pressed for an alliance. Michalis explained that to ensure Medon’s safety would require Maria’s help, as she would need to become Doluna’s hostage. Knowing that doing so would save many thousands of people, and also to aid her beloved brother, Maria agreed. As a result, despite being just a child, Maria spent her next four years in isolation as Doluna’s hostage.

In Shadow Dragon

With Maria held hostage at Deil Prison, her elder sister, Minerva, had no choice but to to fight for Doluna. By the Whitewing Catria’s request, the Akaneian League breaks into Deil Prison to rescue Maria. When Marth comes to free Maria, the first thing Maria notices is how handsome her rescuer is. She tells Marth to inform Minerva that she is safe; with Maria no longer in Doluna’s possession, Minerva wouldn’t hesitate to aid the League. Also, Maria persuades Marth to allow her to fight alongside the League.

During her reunion with Minerva, Maria boasts to her sister about becoming a member of Marth’s army. However Minerva tells Maria that she can’t stay in the army, saying that real war isn’t as glamorous as she might imagine. Maria protests, explaining that she wishes to be of use to Minerva and the others. She states that she’s been a burden for long enough and that she’ll never be able to help anyone if she’s never given a chance. Minerva chuckles at her response, as if she somehow expected it, and decides to let Maria stay, as long as she takes care of herself.

Later, the Akaneian League and Michalis’s Dragoons clash at the Medon Aerie. Despite knowing that she would be playing a part in ending her brother’s ambitions, Maria doesn’t back out of the battle. When he spots Maria on the battlefield, Michalis is shocked to see her fighting against him. In the end, Michalis is defeated by the League and Maria continues to help the League up to the final battle in Doluna. Once the curtain closes on the War of Darkness, Maria stays at Khadein for a while to study magic. Afterwards, she returns to her homeland, Medon, to serve as a cleric.

In Mystery of the Emblem

After Michalis was defeated, he laid on the brink of death. At this time, Maria constantly stayed by his side to care for him. She prayed to the deities, wishing for Michalis to recover, even when tears filled her face. Eventually, her prayers were answered, and Michalis awoke.

Towards the beginning of the War of Heroes, Maria is captured by Gharnef, who intends to use her as a tool for resurrecting Medeus once again. Her first and only appearance is in the final battle, where, along with three other noble clerics, she soullessly guards Medeus from harm. Fortunately, she is awakened by Minerva, who had joined Marth’s army to rescue her. Maria asks Minerva how Michalis is, as she saw him fighting Gharnef in an attempt to rescue her. Hesitating for a moment, Minerva tells her that Michalis is fine and not to worry. Maria happily exclaims that she can’t wait for the three of them to return home like one big family again.

Later on, after Medeus is defeated at last, Maria discovers that Michalis had died and, presumedly, learns that his sole wish was for her to be safe. Along with Minerva, she decides to care for orphans at Lena’s convent in Medon.