Credits: VincentASM



English name Sirius
Japanese name シリウス (Shiriusu)
Class Paladin
Title Masked Knight

Official Artwork


Sirius is a masked knight, whose persona and origins are a complete mystery. It is strongly implied that his true identity is Camus, the Grunian general who rescued Princess Nina’s life, but was later defeated by the Marth in the War of Darkness and presumed dead.


Sirius is first mentioned by a young female villager, who resides in Macedonia, who described him as a gentle, but sorrowful knight. Not long afterwards, he appears before Oguma, who is fighting to protect the Grunian royal children, and is mistaken for a member of the Macedonian Vikings. Sirius explains that he is just a traveller and means no harm. Oguma notices that Sirius seems to be interested in the royal children and asks if he knows them, but Sirius states that he doesn’t, although in truth he probably recognised them from his days as Camus. Sirius then tells Oguma that he’ll hold back the pirates and that Oguma should escape with the children. Before leaving, Oguma requests for Sirius’s help to defeat the corrupt commander of Akaneia’s occupational army, General Lang. Although Sirius doesn’t promise anything, he remarks that it has piqued his interest at least. After the Macedonian Vikings have been dealt with, Sirius joins the Aritian Army, along with Oguma.

During the final battle, Sirius is able to release Nina who, along with three other noble clerics, is trapped in a soulless state. Upon awakening, Nina laments the pain she caused to Hardin. Sirius comforts her, by telling her that Hardin’s suffering has already ended, since Hardin was defeated by Marth’s army. As Nina wearily asks who Sirius is, he says that the Princess Nina he knew wasn’t a weak person. At this point Nina realises that she is speaking to Camus, her beloved. However, Sirius bluntly denies this and says that he doesn’t know anyone called Camus. Nina protests, but Sirius tells her that she is just tired and that she should head to Marth’s side. As Sirius turns to leave, Nina asks where is he going. He replies that he will be returning to his country, where there is somebody waiting for him. Sirius finally goes to leave and mutters an apology to Nina, which she overhears. He states that it was nothing and tells her to hurry.

In the end, Sirius vanishes without a trace. While there is little doubt that he is indeed Camus, and that his memories are intact, it seems there is no hope left for Nina and him to be together. From the moment Camus chose to die along with his homeland, and when Nina chose Hardin as her husband, their fates were already sealed. As for Sirius’s last words to Nina, about having someone waiting for him, none can say for sure what he meant exactly. Some speculate that he eventually returned to Barensia, under the guise of Zeke, and to Teeta’s side.