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English name Fomortiis
Japanese name フォデス (Fodesu)
Class Demon King
Title Demon King


Fomortiis, also called the Demon King, is the final boss and mastermind behind the events in The Sacred Stones.


In the dark, early years of the continent Magvel, evil ruled the land with an iron fist. Vile creatures of all sorts walked the earth leaving death and destruction in their wake. At their head, the Demon King Fomortiis stood to exercise his reign. The people suffered greatly within his dark grasp. With his terrible power, Fomortiis remained unchallenged until around the year 3. Unable to bear the Demon King’s rule any longer, the people prayed for deliverance and were granted five weapons to throw down evil: the Sacred Stones. With these sacred treasures, and with the aid of the dragon tribe, the people rose up against their dark ruler. In the ensuing battle for the freedom and future of Magvel, Fomortiis was cast down; his soul captured in the Sacred Stone belonging to the hero Grado, and later the Empire bearing the hero’s name.

Though imprisoned, Fomortiis was far from truly defeated. Trapped within the Sacred Stone, the monstrous king waited, plotting his escape and re-ascent to power. His chance came 800 years later when Grado’s crown prince, Lyon, began conducting experiments on his country’s Sacred Stone, the Fire Emblem. When the emperor-to-be split the stone in half, Fomortiis, saw his chance. He managed to possess Lyon and use him as a temporary puppet. With Lyon under his control, Fomortiis raised Grado’s armies to destroy the remaining Sacred Stones allowing his own vile legions to roam the continent once more.

As war raged across Magvel, Fomortiis used Lyon to return to the place of his defeat: Darkling Woods. Once there, he was confronted by his old foe, Morva, one of the dragons who aided in his downfall. Finding Morva guarding his temple, his resting place, Fomortiis killed Morva and twisted him into a hideous shell to guard the entrance to the Black Temple, this time to prevent anyone else from entering. Inside the abominable shrine waited his original body, the body his spirit had been torn from and the same body he wished to return to and re-create his kingdom. However, the prince and princess of the fallen kingdom of Renais, Ephiram and Eirika, reached the temple shortly after Lyon did and faced the prince in battle resulting in his vessal’s death. Victory was at hand for the Demon King as Lyon’s death allowed him to resurrect his body. His victory, however, was short-lived. With the last remaining Sacred Stone, Fomortiis’s soul was again sealed away. The king would not let himself be taken easily, and he battled the prince and princess with his empty body attemping to break free once more. However, he struggled in vain. The siblings, brandishing the holy weapons Siegmund and Sieglinde, destroyed the body of the Demon King which ensured that he could never return to terrorize Magvel. At long last, the reign of Fomortiis was ended once and for all.