Credits: Eltoshen



English name Gerik
Japanese name ジスト (Jisuto)
Class Mercenary → Hero / Ranger
Title The Desert Tiger
Country Jehanna

Official Artwork


Gerik is a well built man who takes pride in the scar across his face. He is the chief of his own mercenary group, taking charge of Ewan, Tethys, and Marisa. As the chief, he must have applicable skills; in Gerik’s case, his skills are the ability to understand a woman’s feelings, keep the young motivated, and also to provide a shoulder to lean on for his friends. Others around Gerik see him as a likable man who emphasizes his care for his companions.


Gerik became a mercenary on a whim. His friend, Zabba, had expressed the joy he would have in becoming a mercenary, and would one day leave for Jehanna to fulfill his dreams. Gerik, not wanting Zabba to get hurt, would eventually follow him and join the same guild Zabba had joined. One day, Zabba is killed in action. Gerik had lost the reason why he became a mercenary in the first place. However, interacting with other people and becoming friends with them gives Gerik a reason to continue his life as a mercenary in hopes of not allowing them to share the same fate as his friend had.

It is revealed in one of Gerik and Saleh’s conversations that Saleh had killed Zabba. Gerik tells Saleh that he had thought of avenging Zabba’s death, but fighting alongside Saleh had allowed Gerik to respect him. Gerik forgives Saleh for killing Zabba by telling him that he trusts him, as that’s his job as a friend.

Gerik’s scar is his pride and yet he doesn’t like telling others about it. However, when Tethys asks, Gerik states that he got it as a novice, while he was so confident in his abilities that he thought nobody could best him. To his surprise, he was crushed effortlessly under the strength of a mysterious knight. The knight had spared his life due to the expression of fear Gerik had exerted. Gerik believed that the scar was his punishment for being full of himself and his own skills. Tethys, however, sees it in another light. She makes him realize that he wouldn’t have met her or anybody else, for that matter, if he were dead. She tells Gerik that he should see through the past pain, and look at what the life the knight had spared was able to experience because he was still alive. Gerik lets his fears calm and tells her that he’d be able to sleep soundly from then on.

As for his life of romance, Gerik has two ladies that seem to be more important than the rest: Marisa and Tethys. After all, it is due to these two women that he decides to settle down, instead of leaving behind his life as a mercenary.