Credits: King_Soren



English name Knoll
Japanese name ノール (Nōru)
Class Shaman → Druid / Summoner
Title Watcher of Darkness
Country Grado

Official Artwork


Knoll is a shaman and a royal mage from Grado. He and Prince Lyon worked together to study the dark stone and utilize its power. When King Vigarde dies, Lyon becomes depressed and relies on the dark stone to revive his father. Sadly, he became possessed by the Demon King. Knoll is shown to had regretted what had happened to Prince Lyon. Once these events were behind him, Knoll admits that he had lost the things most important to him: Grado, Lyon, and the research of the dark stone. Knowing all this, he tries to find a new path to follow in his life.


Knoll is first seen after Ephraim’s army kills Vigarde in Grado Keep. Ephraim finds him in a prison cell and discovered Knoll was planned to be executed later on for challenging Lyon’s actions, while Lyon was possessed by The Demon King. Knoll confesses the secrets about the dark stone, Lyon, and the Demon King to Ephraim. Ephraim is soon informed that Eirika and Jehanna are under attack from Grado forces. Ephraim, his army, and Knoll rush to Jehanna to support Eirika. Knoll remains with Ephraim and Eirika to fight the Grado army and eventually, The Demon King himself.

After Jehanna is protected against the assault from Grado, Ephraim shares the story Knoll told him. Knoll’s role in the story dies down afterwards and he remains as a playable unit for the rest of the game. In the epilogue, Knoll focuses on the reconstruction of Grado, in order to restore it to its former glory: The glory that Lyon wanted before he was possessed by the Demon King. After Grado is restored, Knoll disappears, never to be seen again.

Through his support conversations, Knoll has shown that he regrets everything that he had done in the past. He confesses to former Grado general, Duessel, that he sometimes felt that it would have been better had he been executed back in the Grado Keep. He also confesses to Natasha that he felt that he was responsible for the tragedy that happened to Lyon and, consequently, the surge of demons that have appeared in Magvel.

Knoll had also witnessed a future glimpse of Grado after the War of the Stones, with Lyon before the war. Five and a half years later, Grado is the victim of an earthquake which leaves the country in ruins and only a few survive. Knoll wants to flee to a safer location, such as Renais, with Natasha, but Natasha’s will to help the survivors causes Knoll to have a change in heart and he decides to stay in Grado and help Natasha support the survivors when they need their support.