Credits: Shirona, Mishinyo, Elite Lord Sigma, Anonymous G, Aquantis, Caleb, MM, Anna

Note: There are no more alternate endings other than what are listed here (from looking through the script data).

Kingdom of Daein

“Well, I guess this is over. We’d better be on our way.”

“Are you going back to Daein?”

“Yes. Everyone’s waiting for us.”

“We have to start rebuilding all over again. Hopefully, this will be the last time.”

“Don’t say “hopefully.” Make it the last time. If anyone can do it, you two can.”

“I don’t doubt it. But thanks for the vote of confidence.”

“Thank you, Ike. I won’t ever forget you.”

Priestess of Dawn – Micaiah

Crowned 15th queen of Daein at her subject’s entreaty. Micaiah ushered in a new era of prosperity and peace.

Micaiah (Pelleas survived)

Crowned 15th queen of Daein at prior King Pelleas’ entreaty, Micaiah ushered in a new era of prosperity.

Zephyr – Sothe

Becoming a pillar of strength for Queen Micaiah, Sothe worked tirelessly to assist the poor and downtrodden.

Sothe (A support with Micaiah)

Becoming Queen Micaiah’s husband and her pillar of support, Sothe worked tirelessly to assist the poor.

Blade of Justice – Edward

Edward lived as a common townsman, despite the queen’s wishes. He would often visit the keep to bring good news.

Freedom’s Arrow – Leonardo

Leonardo tolied at rebuilding the army. With his proven skills and good looks, he was beset by women across Tellius.

Wise Champion – Nolan

Nolan wandered across the kingdoms, saving those in adversity. Stories of his altruism eventually became legends.

Carefree Saint- Laura

Laura returned to her home’s church and became a mother to many orphans, all of whom loved her gentleness.

Wandering Sage – Ilyana

Ilyana returned to travel with the merchant caravan as she had before. Somewhere, right now, she is hungry.

Loyal Halberdier – Aran

Aran served for many years as lookout in his hometown. Everyone relied on him for his honest, if clumsy, work.

Steadfast Rider – Tauroneo

Tauroneo worked tirelessly for his country as linchpin of Daein’s military and a pillar of statesmanship.

Blade of Unity – Zihark

Zihark traveled Tellius as a mercenary, resolving beorc-laguz disputes. Some say he eventually settled in Gallia.

Mistress of Wyverns – Jill

Queen Micaiah ceded Talrega to Jill. Bearing her father’s ideals, she made her land and people prosper.

Jill (A support with Haar)

Queen Micaiah ceded Talrega to Jill. Bearing her father’s ideals, she and her husband made the land prosper.

Pelleas’ leave

(Appears if Pelleas survived)

“I’m sorry.”

“But that’s… I don’t believe you! Because, see, my dear, you have the mark! Wait. Don’t you have a mark?”

“No, Mother. Lady Almehda, is that the reason you thought me to be your son?”


“And that is the reason why Izuka chose me out of all the children at that orphanage.”

“Stop! This is impossible! You are my son. I am your mother, and I say so!”

“Lady Almedha, your only memories of your son were of him as a baby. You yourself said so. In other words, he already had a mark, even as a child.”

“Yes, that’s so. What of it?”

“This mark–my mark, here–is called the ‘Spirits’ Protection.’ When I was thirteen, I chose to make a pact with the spirits.”


“When I learned that you were one of the dragon clan, I began to doubt. And slowly my doubt turned to certainty. I’m sorry, Lady Almedha. I’m sorry that, though it was never my intent, I ended up deceiving you. I’m sorry, but I am not your son.”


“But still… I was happy. It was fleeting, but… I knew the feeling of a mother’s love. You have my thanks.”

“I… Ah…sniff…”

Spirit-Charming Sage – Pelleas

After revealing his lack of royal blood, Pelleas gave up the throne but served at court, learning to speak easily to all.

Black Tempest – Haar

Though unparallelled in strength as a dracoknight, Haar never fought again. Rather, he carried cargo in Talrega.

Valiant Lady of Marado – Fiona

As Lady of Marado, Fiona watched over her beloved people and protected them until the autumn of her years.

Mistress of the Evil Eye – Nailah

Returning to Hatari with recent events graven in her hearth, Nailah hopes to migrate her people across the desert.

Black Wolf of the Sands – Volug

Strangely, Volug was still in wolf form on the day he went home. Asked why, he said only, “It’s more comfortable”.

Volug (Nailah died)

Volug returned to Hatari to tell of Nailah’s hopes and the great war. He hoped to migrate the whole nation.

Earthbound Chorister – Rafiel

Rafiel performed a ceremony in Serenes Forest to wake his father, the king. Eventually he returned to Hatari.

Rafiel (Nailah died)

Rafiel performed a cermony in Serenes Forest to wake his father, the king. He still lives there in peace.

Kingdom of Gallia

“Ah, Ike. Your work out there was superb.”

“Hey, you aren’t quite over the hill yet yourself. You know, I always wanted to go one-on-one with you, just once.”

“Hah, I would have expected you’d had your fill of fighting.”

“I’ve had enough kill-or-be-killed to last me a lifetime. But something simpler, some way of testing our respective strengths…”

“You mean controlled matches, with all the little rules they have. In a peaceful world, we need such things. Especially we laguz. Without a fight now and then, we go a bit strange in the head.”

“That’s the honest truth. I’d rather try to order a river to change course than stop a bunch of rampaging laguz!”

Fearless Lion King – Caineghis

Upon returning to Gallia, King Caineghis lost no time in abdicating his throne. Countless songs still tell of his valor.

Caineghis (Skrimir died)

King Caineghis busily dealt with affairs of state and coped with a changing world until a new heir could be chosen.

Lion King’s Shadow – Giffca

Since their youth, Giffca had been ever at Caineghis’s side as his loyal shadow. He died proud of how he spent his life.

Fang of Gallia- Skrimir

Skrimir, as the new lion king, patrolled Gallia’s borders vigorously, and his large heart won the love of his people.

Friend of Nations – Ranulf

Ranulf was often run ragged by advising the new king. While he winced at his dutues, Ranulf still indulged Skrimir.

Ranulf (A support with Ike)

After seeing Skrimir crowned as king, Ranulf set off on a journey, saying only, “There’s so much I haven’t seen.”

Gallia’s Valkyrie – Lethe

Lethe later became a captain in Gallia’s home guard, and pounded battle skills and fighting pride into young warriors.

Kindhearted Warrior- Mordecai

After returning to the forest, Mordecai avoided battle and lived all his days in peaceful harmony with the trees.

Finder of Secrets – Lyre

Lyre lived free and wild in the forest. She often told her young comrades of the war and the heroes therein.

Dutiful Assistant – Kyza

Kyza remained a dutiful Gallian warrior. He showed exemplary diligence, never neglecting to train–even in peacetime.

Begnion Empire

“Wait… Sister!”

“You’re my older sister, aren’t you?”

“What do you mean?”

“It makes sense. All the pieces fit. The galdr of release… The goddess Yune’s voice…”

“It’s true. Inside the tower, I heard the voices of many hearths, and I knew. I am descended from Lehran and Altina. Misaha, the former apostle, was my grandmother.”

“Yes, I thought so. In that case, my sister, please consider staying in Begnion. With your power and charisma, you could do so much good here.”

“No, I’m afraid I can’t.”

“Why-Why not?”

“Daein is my home, and Daein needs me to help it heal and rebuild. Not Begnion.”

“But Begnion–“

“Begnion has you, Empress. You will be a just ruler. Make your country proud to have you.”

“Will I… never see you again?”

“Hardly. I think that what our countries need now is a sense of family and friendship. I ask that you sign a treaty of alliance with Daein and announce that we are equals.”

“I will! Of course! Once things settle down in both of our countries, that will be the first thing I do… Sister!”

“Thank you, Empress Sanaki… My dear little sister.”

Holy Empress – Sanaki

Sanaki elected to guide her people in a world without the goddess, and made treaties uniting the continent.

Sapphire of Begnion- Sigrun

Sigrun was loved by her subordinates in the Holy Guard for her kindness, and guarded Sanaki all her life.

Empire’s Bright Blade – Tanith

Tanith was feared by her subordinate in the Holy Guard for her strictness, and guarded Sanaki all her life.

Plucky Freedom Fighter – Tormod

As Begnion’s laguz advisor, Tormod labored to help former slaves out of poverty. He was busy, but very happy.

Desert’s Water – Muarim

As Begnion’s first-ever laguz official, Muarim assisted Tormod and supported his efforts in every arena.

Muarim (Tormod died)

As Begnion’s first-ever laguz official, Muarim labored mutely on in memory of his dead friend Tormod.  

Liberation’s Talon – Vika

Vika became a liaison to former slaves, traveling between the cathedral and laguz district–and was loved in both.

Collector of Beauty – Oliver

Oliver followed his calling as a guardian of beauty by sponsoring many artists, especially those who depicted him.

Lion-Blooded – Stefan

Stefan gathered like-minded individuals to form a tiny, independent settlement which later became a great country.

Bird and Dragon tribes

“Will you be heading back to Gallia first?”

“We’ll stop by Gallia, then wing straight on to Serenes.”

“Serenes? Why there?”

“The Empress Sanaki has kept her promise. Serenes will be formally ceded back to us. She said we may return immediately.”

“Ah, I see. That’s good to hear.”

“Sometimes birds change their feathers. The hawks, the herons, even the ravens. We’re thinking we’ll all settle down together.”

“All this time, we’ve sorted ourselves by our ways of thinking and seeing and living. If we can respect each other’s opinions and we learn to compromise, we can learn to live together without strife.”

“I don’t think it will be that easy, but it still ought to be simpler than getting beorc and laguz to treat each other decently. You set a good example, Reyson.”

“All the major issues look like they’ll be handled soon. The only thing we can’t agree on is hunting and eating meat.”

“The forest creatures are off-limits! Needless displays of violence as well. You know we will not budge on that.”

“Tell me… Have you ever heard of a vegetarian hawk? Or a raptor that doesn’t scream victoriously at the skies after a kill?”

“Meat, huh? That’s a thorny problem…”

Lord of the Air – Tibarn

Tibarn was chosen as the first king of the unified bird clans, and brought them great respect from the other nations.

Sky’s Shadow – Naesala

Saved from the blood pact, Naesala left his people and their nation. He became a diplomat, finding atonement in work.

White Prince – Reyson

Reyson was worked hard as a leader in the new laguz nation. His iron resolve under a pretty face was suited for politics.

Hawk King’s Eyes- Janaff

As the new king’s right arm, Janaff so eagerly trained his men that he often skipped meals, weekends, and sleep.

Hawk King’s Ears – Ulki

Despite being the new king’s left arm, Ulki still loved solitude, spending his free time in long-deserted locales.

Mesmerizing Chanteur – Leanne

Leanne and her father made the forest echo with songs to stir pride in all those toiling to build the new kingdom.

Leanne (A support with Naesala)

Leanne was united with Naesala, whom she had always loved. Together they raised a heron girl and a raven boy.

Wise Old Crow – Nealuchi

Despite his age, Nealuchi worked hard to restore the name of the raven clan. Every year he set a new age record.

Man of Many Mysteries – Volke

After finishing his contract, Volke went back to the shadows he knew so well. He was a man of mystery to the end.

Young Dragon Prince – Kurthnaga

Kurthnaga spents his days arbitrating conflicts between nations, guarding the peace so many had died for.

Wish-Spinner – Ena

Ena returned home and gave birth to her lost fiance’s child. Goldoa rejoiced at the first dragon born in centuries.

Eternal Wanderer – Nasir

Nasir served the new dragon king by observing other nations in his travels, and often doted on his great-grandchild.

Crimson Bodyguard – Gareth

Gareth was named chaimberlain to the king’s new nephew, and taught him with both strictness and love.

Kingdom of Crimea

“Well, Your Majesty. Shall we be off?”

“Yes, let us. To Crimea. To our homeland.”

Devoted Queen – Elincia

Elincia governed Crimea with resolve and a deep love for her people. Her reign was remembered as a golden age.

Grim Cavalier – Renning

All Crimea rejoiced at Renning’s return. He chose to forego the limelight, helping the queen to keep the peace.

Protector of the Realm – Geoffrey

As captain of the Royal Knights and a model of chivalry, Geoffrey served his queen and country all his days.

Geoffrey (A support with Elincia)

Geoffrey’s chivalrous nature and loyalty to Queen Elincia ensured that all of Crimea supported their marriage.

Tireless Advisor – Lucia

Where the queen went, Lucia followed. Their love was fabled to be stronger than even most blood sisters.

Lucia (A support with Bastian)

First among the ministers to support her queen, Lucia never married. However, her affair with Count Bastian continues.

Crimea’s Keystone – Bastian

Bastian’s unparalleled diplomatic skills ensured that many treaties were signed, spreading peace across Tellius.

Veteran Knight- Kieran

Kieran served the royal family with nearly fanatical verve. His voice could be heard from anywhere in the castle.

Petulant Pegasus Knight – Marcia

Marcia showed her dedication as one of the Royal Knights, ever vigilant as she patrolled Crimea’s skies.

Prince of Layabouts – Makalov

Makalov remained as a Royal Knight because the empire was “too strict”. Miraculously, he was never fired.

Unassuming Knight- Astrid

As a Royal Knight renowned through the land, Astrid’s beauty and prowess were known to allies and enemies alike.

Astrid (A support with Makalov)

Astrid disregarded opposition and married the worst idler in three countries, but never tamed him.

Relentless Halberdier – Nephenee

Nephenee lived with her family in Melior. Time and again she raised her lance in defense of the realm.

Rural Juggernaut – Brom

Returning to his family in Ohma, Brom farmed for the rest of his peaceful life. He never lifted a weapon again.

Wayfaring Country Girl – Meg

Meg had an ordinary marriage in her village and had an ordinary family. Her house was always full of laughter.

Alluring Rogue – Heather

Heather returned home to care for her mother, swearing off her roguish ways. Yet somehow, she always had money.

Lucky Wayfarer – Danved

The war over, Danved hung up his lance and became a traveling performer. His act could make anyone laugh.

First-Rate Sage – Calill

Calill returned to running the story with her beloved Largo and daughter, Amy. Her bright smile cheered many hearts.

Scarlet-Haired Paladin – Titania

Titania remained second in command of the mercenaries. Once a year, she visited the graves of her fallen friends.

Deadly Adept – Shinon

Shinon lazes the days away in his old haunts. An expert at all he puts his hand to, he chose none as his calling.

Perpetual Guardian – Gatrie

Gatrie became a famous mercenary and a household name. Fate led him to find many women but never true love.

Agile Horseman – Oscar

Oscar returned to the Royal Knights at Queen Elincia’s request, but still took mercenary work on the side.

Mighty Soldier – Boyd

Boyd trained day in and day out, so as not to lose his spot to “some stupid rookie”. He never did, either.

Boyd (A support with Mist)

Boyd trained daily, so as not to lose his spot to “some stupid rookie”. Mist humored her husband’s insecurities.

Faithful Student – Rolf

Rolf remained with the mercenaries. He was always in demand as a tutor of unrivaled marksmanship.

Gentle Saint – Rhys

Rhys served as healer and opened a small chapel in a corner of their old keep. He taught school there.

Aspiring Lady of Blades – Mia

Mia set off in search of new opponents. She traveled the whole continent, but sometimes rested at Greil’s Retreat.

Healing Breeze – Mist

Mist was courted by many young suitors in her time. She gave the nod to none of them, and lived happily alone.

Mist (A support with Boyd)

Mist acted on her feelings for Boyd, marrying him. She cried during the vows, much to Boyd’s chagrin.

Amrita’s discovery

(Appears if certain criteria were fulfilled – for more information, please check the very bottom of the FAQ page)

“You are Ike, of the Greil Mercenaries?”

“And you’re the dowager Queen of Daein. I’ve heard some of what you’ve gone through. I’m glad you’re safe.”

“Ah, indeed.”

“In light of that…Can I do anything for you?”

“I think not. I think I have seen enough.”

“As you wish. Well then, Lady Almedha, Prince Kurthnaga. Take care of yourselves.”

“Yes. And you as well. I know we shall meet again.”

(Ike leaves)

“Are you satisfied, my sister? You wished so strongly to meet with General Ike.”

“I only did so because Pelleas said…He said that it would be wise if I were to meet with him.”

“Did he say why?”

“That child,” he said. It was the last gift he gave to me. He wouldn’t say anything more.

“A gift? By meeting General Ike?”

“What about that beorc could possibly be…wait… Ah! Wait! Wait, stop a moment!”


“Yes? You needed something?”

“You are…What is your name?”


“I-I see. That…that is a fine name.”

“Thank you…?”

“You’re welcome.”

“Is that all?”

“Ah, yes, yes. Pardon me, calling out to you like that… I was confused.”

“Don’t let it trouble you. If you’ll excuse me.”

(Soren leaves)

“I don’t believe it.”

“That boy is the staff officer for the Greil Mercenaries. What made you call out to him like that?”



“Because I have lost the power of my birthright, I thought… Maybe I wouldn’t be able to…That I might not be able to recognize my own child. But when her own true son stands before her, no mother could fail to know. Oh, my son, you’ve lived and grown strong.”

“You can’t mean…Soren is your son?”

Silent Master of Winds – Soren

Though his tactical genius was unmatched, Soren never used his talents from anyone but Ike.

Soren (A support with Ike)

When peace had settled on the land, Soren packed lightly and set off with the only person he had ever trusted.


Once he saw stability returned, Ike left on a journey to lands still unknown. He was never seen again.

Return of Ashunera

(Appears if Lehran was recruited and survived)

“Welcome home.”

“Could it be that you were here all this time?”

“Alas, no, I am sorry to say. But for several days, I’ve somehow felt as though you would soon return.”

“Well, I’m home. And I’m glad to see you again, Lehran.”

“And I am glad to see you as well, Goddess Ashunera.”

“How long has it been? A hundred years? Five hundred?”

“About twelve hundred years.”

“I see. For mortals, that is many, many lives.”

“Yes. The peace we once had is on the verge of crumbling again.”

“That is unfortunate. The miasma of war is beginning to shroud the world. However, I shall not again be frightened. As one born of the hopes of man I shall protect this world.”


“Lehran. I’ve missed your songs. Would you sing for me now?”

“I… I no longer…”

“Well, then I will sing. And you may sing with me. Is that all right?”


Light of Creation – Lehran

At Lorazieh’s urging, Sephiran lay himself down within Serenes, and was healed by the songs of the herons.

Final words

In days long past, a young man
strode the lands of Tellius.

He was simple yet true, his deeds
brave and noble. He reunited two
races long at war,
and healed the heart of a goddess
long gone mad.

Ask any you meet be they young or
old, beorc or laguz,
of a hero named Ike and you’ll receive
a warm smile
and a tale or two of faith, courage,
and honesty.