C support – addressing

Type 1: Aha, ___! Today’s battle paying well–I mean, faring well? Tch. Let me know if I can help.
Type 2: Aha, General ___! Made any money–I mean–headway? Right. Just holler if you need me.
Type 3: Aha, ___! Made any steals– I mean–kills today? All righty. I’m over here if you need help.
Type 4: Aha, King Caineghis! So, how are today’s battle earnings–I mean– how are today’s valiant strivings?
Type 5: Prince ___? Fighting less and earning more? No, I mean…working hard and saving less? No, I mean…
Type 6: Aha, General ___! So, is today’s battle paying off? Oh, sorry, I mean, faring well?
Type 7: Aha, King Tibarn! Getting away with a king’s ransom today? I mean… Hey…how’s that battle going?
Type 8: Ah, Queen ___! Cashing in on the war? I mean…whoa…saving lives and defending a greater cause?
Type 9: Aha, King Naesala. Today’s earnings…no, no…I mean today’s valiant strivings, those going well?
Type 10: Hey, pretty, pretty Princess Leanne! Cashing in on the battle, er…defending all that’s honorable and…whatnot?
Type 11: ___! Fighting less and earning more? I mean…how’s the fighting and all that noble stuff?
Type 12: So, you’re the Fireman, right? How’s today’s battle? Earning well? Eh? Get it? You know what I mean!

C support – addressed

Type 1: Hey. You still fighting? Personally, I HAVE to keep going. I haven’t made half of what I bet I can take them for.

B support – addressing

Type 1: ___, we’re both here… what do you say to joining forces? It’d speed things up tremendously.
Type 2: Hey, General ___, what do you say to joining forces? It’d make things go so much faster.
Type 3: ___, do you want to fight together? It’d make our work go so much faster.
Type 4: King Caineghis, what do you say to joining forces? We’d get through this a lot faster.
Type 5: Hey, Prince ___, why don’t we just join forces? We could work a lot faster–cash in a lot faster.
Type 6: General ___, what do you say to joining forces? We could work so much faster that way.
Type 7: King Tibarn, I propose we team up so we can crush these curs and get back to making some money.
Type 8: Queen ___, what do you say to joining forces? We’ll work a lot faster…and get out of here a lot faster.
Type 9: King Naesala, I propose we join forces, defeat these foes, and get back to making a living!
Type 10: Princess ___, what do you say we work together? We could make fast work of these vicious bullies.
Type 11: ___…you’re here, I’m here. What say we join forces and make fast work of these idiots?
Type 12: Hey, Volke! Since we’re both here, why don’t we join forces to speed up our work? We could be home for dinner!

B support – addressed

Type 1: Sure, I don’t mind at all. Mutual effort for mutual gain… What a wonderful world we live in.

A support – addressing

Type 1: Some people you can just trust, no matter what they’re worth. ___, you’re one of those!
Type 2: Some people, you just care about their riches. General ___, you’re not in that category. Try to live.
Type 3: Some people matter, regardless of what they’re worth. ___, you’re like that. And you must survive.
Type 4: King Caineghis, hard as it is for me to admit, you’re a noble soul. Let’s you and I live through this, whaddya say?
Type 5: There are people you can just trust, without thought of monetary gain. Like you, Prince ___. Just…live.
Type 6: I usually don’t gush, but, General ___, you’re kind of a priceless soul. Get it? Let’s survive!
Type 7: King Tibarn, there are those you trust and those you don’t. I trust you. Let’s vow to survive this insanity.
Type 8: Queen ___, I fully trust you. I don’t even care if that devotion earns me nothing. I just want us to survive.
Type 9: You know, Naesala, some people you trust just because. You’re like that. Whaddya say we survive this together?
Type 10: Lady ___, I trust you with my deepest truths. And I don’t even want riches from you! Please, let’s both live.
Type 11: ___, people like you I can trust, without thought of money. Let’s survive this, shall we?
Type 12: Mr. Fireman, I trust you. You don’t even have to pay me to say that. I vote we survive this together!

A support – addressed

Type 1: Yes, let’s both live to be old… and rich… Oh yeah, and to look back and laugh at this war.