C support – addressing

Type 1: ___, you’re all right! I don’t know how you could be, under these famine conditions.
Type 2: Honorable ___! You must be as miserable as I am, out here without a bite to eat, and idiots at every turn.
Type 3: Lion King…I hope you’re faring well and not dying…of hunger, that is.
Type 4: Oh, Kurthnaga…I hope you are holding up under the severe wartime malnourishment.
Type 5: Oh… King ___… You deserve such better treatment–and food–than you’re getting.
Type 6: Oh, King Tibarn… when will this deprivation and fighting end? I hope you’re holding up through it all.
Type 7: Oh, King Naesala. I’ll bet you could just faint from lack of food. Keep yourself safe until dinner.
Type 8: Oh, ___, will this torture never end? Hours of fighting and no food in sight.

C support – addressed

Type 1: Oh… Hello. I’m… so hungry… If you could spare some rations…

B support – addressing

Type 1: Oh, ___, may I stay with you? Perhaps fighting together we have a better chance of surviving…you think?
Type 2: Oh, ___, I need backup. I’m so weak. I hate to be needy, but do you think we can fight as a team?
Type 3: Oh, King Caineghis… No one could get hurt fighting with you. Do you suppose…I can be your partner?
Type 4: Oh, Kurthnaga… I think I’m going to faint! Do you mind…if I… stay here and fight with you?
Type 5: Oh, ___… I’m just not feeling all that well. Can I…stay…with you? I promise I’ll try to pull my weight.
Type 6: Oh, King Tibarn… I’m so glad I ran into you. I’m not feeling so well. Do you mind if I stay with you?
Type 7: Oh, King Naesala… Thank goodness I ran into you. Do you mind if I stay and fight with you?
Type 8: Oh, ___… All this fighting and no food…I’m fading fast. Please, can I team up with you?

B support – addressed

Type 1: Let’s go together. When I’m with you I feel much better.

A support – addressing

Type 1: ___! You can’t die. You mean too much to me. We’ve even broken bread together! You must live!
Type 2: ___, please don’t die! Nothing would be more upsetting than losing you. Promise…please?
Type 3: King Caineghis! Please do not die… You are our light in the darkness. Without you, we’re blind!
Type 4: Kurthnaga… Don’t leave me… Not when we’ve become so close. Promise you’ll live. Please?
Type 5: Honorable ___… We are nothing without you. Because of you, victory is possible. Please don’t die!
Type 6: King Tibarn… You can’t die. Remember the feast in Phoenicis? You did that! Live to feast again! Promise me?
Type 7: King Naesala… Please don’t die… not now…not ever. Our future relies on you. Promise you’ll live?
Type 8: ___… Don’t die! You’ve just started to live, and now this! Promise you’ll fight for your life!

A support – addressed

Type 1: I’m living through this! Now, what say we find food fit for kings, and feast till our bellies burst with joy!