C support – addressing

Type 1: ___, you’d better not be pushing yourself too hard!
Type 2: You’d better be staying safe, General ___.
Type 3: Your Majesty! Don’t hesitate to ask if you need my assistance.
Type 4: Hello, Duke Tanas. I trust you don’t need my help.
Type 5: King Caineghis, you must surely be doing fine. You’re unstoppable!
Type 6: Kurth! You’d better be keeping safe! Don’t make me scold you.
Type 7: Lord ___, I hope all is well with you.
Type 8: King Tibarn! I hope the skies are treating you well today.
Type 9: King Naesala! Everything is good with you, I hope.
Type 10: Duke ___! I hope you’re doing well today.
Type 11: ___, it’s good to see you. Make us proud out there!

C support – addressed

Type 1: Oh! Hello! It’s good to see you’re still alive.
Type 2: Hello! Let’s make everyone proud of us today!

B support – addressing

Type 1: ___, I’d like to fight at your side. Would that be all right?
Type 2: General ___, let me assist you! We’ll make a good team.
Type 3: Your Majesty, may I have the honor of fighting at your side? I think it’ll work out well.
Type 4: Duke Tanas, I’d like to go with you. I want to, um…fight beside you.
Type 5: King Caineghis, let me fight beside you! With your strength and my magic, we can’t lose.
Type 6: If you think I’m letting you out of my sight, you have another thing coming, Kurth. We’ll get through this together!
Type 7: Surely you’ll allow me to fight beside you, Lord ___? You won’t regret it!
Type 8: King Tibarn, I know I can’t fly and I have no talons. But you’ve seen what I can do. Let’s team up!
Type 9: I don’t care what anyone says, King Naesala. I trust you. Let’s prove to everyone that you’re a good man.
Type 10: Let’s stand together, Duke ___! I know we can make a difference if we work together.
Type 11: ___, I’ll go with you. I want to fight beside you.

B support – addressed

Type 1: Of course I’ll join you. On three, we’ll charge. Ready? One, two, three!
Type 2: Of course I’ll stand by you! You needn’t even ask the question!

A support – addressing

Type 1: ___! Don’t get separated from me. It’s dangerous out here, and I
don’t want to lose you. Promise me that we’ll both live through this. Promise me!
Type 2: Don’t fall behind, General! If we die, what hope does the rest of Tellius have? We cannot fail the people we’ve sworn to protect. I know you understand that.
Type 3: Your Majesty, I know this is hard, but we have to persevere! Everyone’s counting on us. When this is all over… Think of a world where we can be friends forever, and fight for it!
Type 4: Duke Tanas… I know everybody thinks you’re horrible because of what you’ve done in the past. But not me! I think you just need different hobbies! I’d be glad to model for a sculpture when this is all over.
Type 5: It’s impossible not to look up to you, King Caineghis. You have strength, wisdom, and the love of your people. I want Daein and Gallia to be friends like you and I are, when this is over.
Type 6: Do you remember when we met, Kurth? You’d never seen a desert. I remember how you marveled at the sands. Those are the sights worth fighting for. Never give up, Kurth.
Type 7: Lord ___, I know we can get through this together. One foot and then the other, right? You know how important this is. When this is over, it’ll all be worth it.
Type 8: You’re not so bad, King Tibarn. I know we’ve had our differences, but I’ve learned a lot since then. Promise me you’ll live through this. I think we could be good friends.
Type 9: Whatever’s happened, it’s in the past. I want you to know that, King Naesala. Yune says I should trust you, and I do. Maybe you’ll let me learn some of your secrets when this is over.
Type 10: Duke Renning… The way all of Crimea looks up to you has been an inspiration for me. You’re a hero to the people. I want to learn how to do that kind of good, when this is over. I hope you’ll consider teaching me.
Type 11: ___… Sometimes I get very frightened. I can’t think what I’d do if I lost you. It feels like my heart would rip apart… You have to promise me. Promise we’ll both live through this.

A support – addressed

Type 1: If I’m with you, I know I can withstand anything. Together, we’ll survive this!
Type 2: We’ve been together so long… I won’t abandon you now, I promise. We can endure anything.