C support – addressing

Type 1: Hello, ___! It’s great to see you.
Type 2: Ike, you doofus! You’d better be staying safe.
Type 3: Nice to see you, ___. I’m here if you need me.
Type 4: King Tibarn! That’d better be somebody else’s blood all over you!
Type 5: King Naesala! Make sure you stay safe!
Type 6: ___! Hey there! You’d better not get in over your head.

C support – addressed

Type 1: Good to see you. Don’t be afraid to ask for healing if you need it!
Type 2: Hey there! I sure hope this battle goes well for us…

B support – addressing

Type 1: ___! Um… Can I…maybe tag along with you?
Type 2: Hey, Ike! I’m going with you. You need me to look out for you.
Type 3: Um, Lord ___! I don’t suppose…I could fight alongside you?
Type 4: King Tibarn! I wanna fight at your side. You’re amazing!
Type 5: King Naesala! Let me come with you. I think you could use me.
Type 6: Don’t you leave me here, ___! I’m tagging along. Don’t you even try to say no!

B support – addressed

Type 1: Sure, OK! We can help each other out as we go.
Type 2: You got it, boss! I’ll keep you safe as you go.

A support – addressing

Type 1: ___, don’t leave me! I couldn’t bear it. We have to survive this.
Type 2: Ike, you idiot… I told you we’ll be together to the end. Stay with me forever.
Type 3: I’m gonna tell everybody that big, important ___ is friends with me! It’s great!
Type 4: Hey, King Tibarn! Promise me that you’ll survive. Because when this is over, you’re gonna teach me to be a pirate.
Type 5: You’d better take me to Kilvas when this war is over, King Naesala. I want to see where you come from.
Type 6: ___, we’re one big family. Families stick together no matter what, you understand? No matter what!

A support – addressed

Type 1: I promise I won’t fall. Not ever!
Type 2: It’ll take tougher lugs than these to hold me back! Count on it. I AM Greil’s daughter, after all!