Fire Emblem Echoes from Time

Fire Emblem: Echoes from Time

chapter 0 pt1: The Future


Valm, a country that prospered after Valhalt’s rain many centuries ago. As the old ages became the new ages, society changed. Where there was once castles and open fields, resides man’s modern marvels. With the old way of life slowly fading away, Valm paved way for the future of the humans…. until their new ways backfired not just them but the whole world. Societies collapsed, countries destroyed, all by the things that they made to help their lives…their own ignorance.


Overlooking the once beautiful land of Valm, The Mila tree, still regarded as a safe and divine place for people who never steered away from the almost extinct teachings of their ancestors and which one being called home, the divine dragon Chiki. Being the divine dragon always kept her busy, but with this new threat that has arisen and her Diamond stolen from her sanctuary, she needed to act.


It was a few weeks into winter as Chiki stood outside her shrine scanning the now ruined capital of Valm Rosanne. Her whole body was covered in winter clothes, a knit cap for her head, a pair of wool gloves covered her hands, a large wool coat that went below her knees and a scarf covering her neck. Even though she held the title of a divine being, she still hated the cold months.


Behind her a woman with long wavy black hair and purple eyes began to make her way up to the dragon holding two steaming cups of coco in her hands, she too was in winter clothes but not as heavy, just a simple long sleeved black shirt and white vest, black jeans and rider’s boots.


“Lady Chiki, you know if you wear that much people will start to think your fat.” The woman finding Chiki’s appearance humorous spoke to her.


Not breaking her gaze from the city, but still making an annoyed face, she responded to the woman’s sarcastic remark.


“At least I’m Warmer then you, you ice witch.”


The woman smirked at her response as she stopped next to her.


“Here, this will help.” She handed Chiki one of the warm cups of coco.


Chiki looked away from the city to see the cup of her favorite winter drink, she smiled and accepted the cup with a thank you.


They both stared out into the city in a calm silence until the woman broke the silence.


“I’m guessing there still has been no word from any of our Infiltration teams yet?” Chiki looked back at the woman and saw she was staring into her cup with worried eyes.


It was true, Chiki had heard not so much as a sound from the 3 teams they sent out, she was about to say something until an extremely loud alarm boomed through the air.


“Well we have now.” Chiki spoke in a more serious tone.


They both looked in the direction of the alarm and saw it was coming from the southern side of the city. This made the woman’s eyes widen in fear as she stared in the alarms direction. She then dropped her cup on the ground and began to run towards the stairs leading to the bottom of the tree.


“Ms. Cosmo, Wait!” Chiki called out to the woman making her stop just before the stairs.


“You must not intervene.” Chiki said calmly as she began to walk towards Ms. Cosmo.


“B-but…” she tried to respond but Chiki never let her, as Chiki’s hands landed on her shoulders softly.


“Your involvement will only make their situation harder for them, a good commander must trust her subordinates.”


Ms. Cosmo knew she was right, but even so, it was extremely hard for her to not go. In the end, she took a deep breath and gave a long defeated sigh and in her mind she prayed.


‘Please be safe… my Cimpo…’




In the southern portion of what was the major city Rosanne, the alarm raged throughout the area as a person wearing a hooded cloak ran through the debris of the once bustling city. The person took out a sphere-shaped object from within the cloak and took a glance at it.


‘Let’s just hope this is the real deal this time’ the person thought and then put the object back within the cloak.


The person approached a 4-way crossing and decided to take a left. Then suddenly, the person stopped in their tracks before going down the empty road, only to find the things that they were trying to avoid… 7 cyborgs.


‘Oh shit….’


The person then dashed in the opposite direction at full speed.


“Stop that Human!”


The cyborgs began to give chase to the human and were catching up quickly. It looked bleak for the human and no possible way to fully escape.


The person was about to pass by an alleyway, as an idea struck their mind and then proceeded to dash straight into the alley.


The cyborgs quickly followed the person into the alley but slowed once they were only met with a stone wall. Confused they looked around aimlessly trying to find the human.


‘Heh, guess they weren’t that hard to evade.’ The person thought as they stood in front of the cyborgs using a camouflage device.


During the cyborgs confusion, one suddenly stopped and began to stare directly where the human was standing.


“The Human is in front of us, I can see its heat signature!” The leading cyborg told the other ones.


‘WHAT? When were, they equipped with heat-‘ before the Human could finish their thought, the cyborg lunged its right hand into the person’s neck slamming them into the back wall.


“You humans… think your so clever… you should have done more research before you try to steal something from your god.”


The camo instantly faded and the hood over the person’s head flew down from the impact against the wall, revealing the thief. It was a young Woman with light Azure hair that faded into black strands and she had yellowish-purple eyes.


“It’s more… like taking back… what’s ours…” she hoarsely spoke as her throat was being crushed.

She had to think of something quick or else she would no longer have a neck attached to her head. But then she felt her left-hand brush at something from her leg and a devilish smile creeped on her face.


‘This thing should have secured my arms as well, what an idiot…’ she thought as from her leg she quickly grabbed a short metal object and with quick flash the cyborgs arm was cut Clean off releasing her to the ground as she gasped quickly for much needed air.


“Watch out, the Human has a Photon Saber!”


Catching a few more small breaths she readied her now activated Photon Saber as a blue aura developed around her as she muttered…




She then dashed through the Cyborgs with a lightning fast slice that cut straight through and destroying 4 of them, but because of her now weaker condition she missed the other 3. She did not have the time to hit the remaining ones as she made her way out of the alley.


She tried her best to keep running but she was slower from the lack of oxygen and the really bad pain she felt in her head as well as the slight blood loss from the new wound on the back of her head.


“The human has weakened, I grant permission for full use of fire arms to immobilize the target.” The now in command cyborg stated as its arm changed into a rifle and began firing at the woman. The rest of the cyborgs soon joined the frenzy as well as they continued their chase.


She could evade most of their shots but was unfortunately struck through her right leg, ignoring the pain as best she could, she kept running in the direction of what looked like an old destroyed hotel. She was then hit by another shot, this time in her left shoulder she could barely keep from screaming but continued her failing escape and then she was hit by another shot in the lower back. Groaning and clenching her teeth in unmanageable pain, she could no longer go on and collapsed face first into the ground.


The remaining cyborgs made their way up to her laying body and made a circle around her pointing their rifles preventing any means of escape.


‘Damnit… I shouldn’t have been so cocky…’ she thought as she struggled not to lose consciousness.


The leading cyborg walked up to her and bent down with its rifle barrel pointed towards her head.


“Now human, hand over the Azure Diamond. If you do not, we will kill you right here. But if you cooperate, we shall tend to your wounds and send you to prison for 20 years for what you have done.”


She couldn’t think of anything else to do, but she knew she was not giving up the diamond. While her life was slowing fading away she could see a slight glimmer from behind the cyborg that came from the hotel.


She started to laugh and cough out blood.


“W… what took you so… long…” she spoke hoarsely at no one.


Suddenly a loud bang was heard and one of the cyborgs head flew off its body. Followed by one of the others who suffered the same fate. The one bent down got up and looked around but soon was met by a glowing red dagger face to face. what were once a squad of cyborgs, were all now a pile of scrap on the ground.


“*Zzt* Lethality! Did you see that Aeon! One shot KO’s!! *Zzt…*”


 Still in pain the woman known as Aeon managed to make a smile as she heard her partner and friend over her ear piece.


“Were not out of the woods yet Sail, keep that rifle of yours ready while I take care of Aeon wounds.” A young man with shaggy black hair and dark red eyes ran up to the now dead cyborg and pulled out the dagger from its head, then proceeded to his grounded partner and gently helped her up into a seated position. He then pulled out a mending staff and started to make it operational.


“*Zzt* Soooo, should I aim directly at you? *zzt*” their partner Sail asked over the communicator.


“No, you moron, AROUND us…” The man calmly but with a hint of frustration in his voice responded back.


“*Zzt* Aww but Io, I can’t stare at the beautiful piles of blood that Aeon left if I do that…*Zzt*” the man known as Io rolled his eyes and simply ignored his sadistic partner’s comment.


“Now Aeon, this mend is going to sting like hell just to let you know.” The orb at the end of the Mend started to glow and it did just as he said as the wounds slowly began to close, Aeon clenched her teeth hard trying not to scream in agony for the stinging pain all through her body.


“You know, Auntie is going to be pissed at me for letting this happen to you.” The man said to try to take her mind off the pain, but proved unsuccessful.


After a few minutes, The Mend’s light started to fade and eventually the sphere shattered leaving Aeon’s wounds only semi healed. thankfully the previous bullet holes were now only tiny scratches.


Io scratched his head at his staff’s unfortunate state.

“Uhh whoops… hold on I think I have another one.”


Aeon quickly held out her hand at him.


“No no no no no no, w-we don’t have time for another one. Besides look the wounds are barley noticeable now, I think I’ll be fine” the man nodded and stood back up while helping her to her feet.


“Are you sure you’re alright? It looks like you lost a lot of blood…” he asked her as her skin color was a pale white, but she slowly let go of him.


“I’ll be fine for now, let’s just get going.” She began to limp towards where her friend Sail was hiding out and Io followed right next to her.


“Please be more careful cousin, I don’t want to be the one to tell Auntie that you died for being an idiot.” The man said in a stagnate tone.


Aeon gave him the stink eye for his comment


“Well… I would not have been in this predicament if YOU did not have taken forever to get here.” She shot back at him as she started to get more of her energy back.


“I would not have had to rush here if YOU did not trip an alarm like a fool.” He argued back at her.


She closed her eyes in her growing frustration and began to talk into the communicator while still limping towards the hotel.


“Sail, before we get to your position, if you could, can you please shoot my cousin multiple times?”


Aeon’s cousin froze. He made his eyes look up at the large building where they were headed towards and saw a little glimmer of Sail’s rifle.


“*zzt* Really!? I can see Io’s blood!? *zzt*”

Their other partner sail spoke very energetically 


“What! Hey! Don’t! We need to keep a low profile!” The Youngman Io spoke as he began to run towards the large building because their friend sail would in fact shoot him.



The three of them finally regrouped inside of the large ruins of a once city hotel’s 16th floor. Aeon stood against a concrete beam staring out of what used to be a small window and Io sat on a ripped up old leather couch with his shirt off and a bunch of black bruises all over him.


“I hate you both right now…. Oww! Watch it Sail!” Io whined at his partner.


Their friend sail, a smaller woman with short Messy honey-brown hair and green eyes, sat next to him with a small rag full of her special antiseptic, rubbing the bruises she caused.


“Hehehe, you should have ran faster!” Aeon giggled in her corner by sails comment, While Io looked at her really annoyed.


“You know you broke our last mending staff with your psychopathic tendencies! Seriously why do you have to be such an idiot like Ae- YEOWCH! HEY YOU JUST SQUEEZED THAT BURISE ON PURPOSE!”


Sail giggled, “Sorry, I just wanted to hear you complain again, it’s so cute!”


Io looked at her even more frustrated.


“What part of agonizing pain do you find cute!? Were you dropped on your head growing up!?”


“Oh, yes multiple times! One time I hit my head on the floor when I was hanging upside down on the edge of Aeon’s elevated bed!” She answered quickly with a smile on her face.


Aeon, now interested in their conversation, turned and spoke to them.


“Wasn’t that the day you found a medical textbook and you wanted to see if reading upside down made you smarter?”


Sail perked up and smiled at her friend, “Yep! We were Eight years old! Geez where did the time go?”


Io rolled his eyes at the stupid question of hers.


Aeon then looked around at all the ruins at the most obvious answer to her friend’s question and looked back at her smiling friend and smiled back.


“No idea.”


Sail then continued rubbing Io’s Bruises with her special remedy.


“Alright, I’m all done! The bruises should go away in a few minutes now, here is your top back!” Sail chirped as she then grabbed Io’s shirt and tried to force it over him, practically suffocating him.


“Beeeyy! Vail! AIV got Bis my gelf!” He struggled to say as he pushed Sail lightly away and put his shirt back on, then looked at Sails Smiling face.


He looked away and mumbled under his breath a thank you.


Aeon had looked away covering her mouth so she could not laugh.


“Your welcome!” She then sighed and looked at the ground.


Io looked at her again and saw that she was depressed.


“Uhh Sail are you alright?”


She looked back up at him.


“Well… all of that blood that was left out there from Aeon… I couldn’t even get a sample of it before it dried…”


Io looked at her with a ‘seriously?’ Look.


“*sigh* This whole trip and I couldn’t even get one drop of b-” Sail suddenly stopped talking as her eyes got wide as she stared at Io.


He got nervous and started to move himself away from her.


“S-sail?” On Io’s left side of his head she saw a little red stream slowly going down his temple, she then grew a big toothy grin.


“BLOOD!” she took out a vile from her medical pouch and lunged at Io causing them both to fall off the couch.


“AHH!! SAIL! STOPP!!” He screamed from the floor as Sail pinned him on the ground, pulled his head and tried to take as much of a blood sample from a scratch that was on Io’s head.


Aeon could not contain herself anymore as she fell to the floor holding her belly as she burst out laughing by the scene that was unfolding.




After a few minutes of that unpleasant event, Io looked even more Annoyed as he now was sulking in a corner as Aeon and Sail sat on the couch.


“Soooooo Aeon, did ya find that diamond thingy we were tasked to find?” Sail asked her friend as she stared and twirled a small vile around her fingers which contained a small amount of Io’s fresh blood inside.


Aeon nodded and pulled out the object she ‘stole’ from those cyborgs, that was inside one of her coat pockets.


It was an Azure blue diamond with its color almost faded away and a rusted old broach settled around the diamond.


Sail looked away from her Vile and at the Diamond, her eyes sparkled by its sight.


“Woahhh…. you risked your life for an old worn out necklace? Neat!” She looked at Aeon with her childish behavior but saw that her friends face was in sorrow, her happiness quickly faded away.


Aeon spoke up, “In a sense… yes… lady Chiki said that this Diamond once had an awesome power to it. But looking at it with my own eyes, it’s as if that power or if there was ever any at all, has not been in the Diamond for years… but Lady Chiki said she would tell us more once we got it safely back to her.”


Aeon put the Diamond back in her coat.


Io became more interested in the conversation as he reluctantly made his way back over to the two.


“Soo What do you think the power was? Do you think its related to-” Io chimed in but was cut off by Aeon quickly.


Aeon scrunched her face as she thought hard but came up with no real answer, “I… I have no clue… maybe it….” she tried to say the next part but the words could not come out.


Io placed his hand on her shoulder reassuringly.


“What you hope for is that it will save your dad…”


Aeon simply nodded slowly to her cousin.


There was a long grim silence that now hung in the room. The only noise that could be heard was the sound of Io’s blood swishing in the tiny vile.


“Now I don’t mean to be in a rush but…let us head back to the safe zone at the Divine one’s shrine. It would be wise not to stay here much longer. Especially since all the ruckus we caused earlier.”


Aeon nodded and stood up, followed by Sail.


“Right. Let’s get the hell out of here.” The 3 of them then began to make their way out of the building. But because of their rash behavior they failed to realize that in the shadows of the hotel they were being watched.