Fire Emblem Fates EU Versions, Available Now!

That’s right, folks! After months of stress and anticipation, Fire Emblem Fates Birthright, Conquest and Revelation (through the Special Edition bundles) are available now!

EU Fates

Fans can finally pick their side right now by downloading the Birthright and Conquest through the Nintendo [UK] eShop, and in a few hours, major retailers will open up, safely able to sell their copies to excited gamers like you!

-Image Source: Nintendo UK Twitter-

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  • Bcardia

    Does anyone know if there are any differences between the US version and the EU one?

    • Loark

      I compared the dialogue of the prologue for both versions. I didn’t notice any differences.

      • Bcardia

        Is japanese audio included?

  • I picked one up for about 80€, then it went out of stock about an hour later. Since it’s weekend I’ll probably get it on Monday… Which sorta comes in conflict with the Overwatch release.