Awards (or medals) serve as evidence of achievements you’ve earned while playing the game. They can be viewed via Connect – Profile Card.

Note: Awards are shared among all save files.

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Icon Name Awarded For… [Notes] Renown+
Maiden Victory Winning your first battle 100
Zofia’s Champion Liberating Zofia Castle 200
Shrine Keeper Defeating the Necrodragon at the Seabound Shrine 200
Temple Liberator Freeing the Temple of Mila from the Rigelian Empire 300
Armistice Bringing the war with the Rigelian Empire to an end 500
Humanity’s Genesis Ending the age of gods and ushering in a new era [clear the game] 1000
Strategic Retreat Perceiving unfavorable odds and making a wise retreat [use the Retreat command] 100
Combat Artist Using combat arts to gain the advantage in battle 100
Terrain Pro Making use of terrain to gain the advantage in battle [10 times] 100
Wheel of Time Successfully using power beyond the ken of mankind [use Mila’s Turnwheel in battle] 100
Renowned Knight Gaining renown across the kingdom of Zofia [reach Rank 3] 300
Renowned General Gaining renown across the entirety of Valentia [reach Rank 7] 1000
Renowned Conqueror Gaining renown in not just Valentia, but the world over [reach Rank 10] 2000
Undertaker Defeating a large number of undead creatures [defeat 300 Revenants, Entombed, Bonewalkers etc.] 1000
Triangle Attacker Using the legendary Triangle Attack combat art 300
Duma Incarnate Learning and using Alm’s ultimate art [Scendscale] 500
Mila Incarnate Learning and using Celica’s ultimate art [Ragnarok Ω] 500
Craftsmanship Improving a weapon’s power through forging 300
Archanea’s Regalia Collecting all three of Archanea’s precious Regalia [Mercurius, Gradivus and Parthia] 2000
Unbreakable Bonds Building strong bonds between many of your comrades [view many base conversations] 1000
Meteoric Rise Achieving uncommon levels of growth [5 or more stat ups] 1000
Gourmand Trying a large number of foods [30 different types] 1000
Seasoned Hero Attending a large number of battles [fight 500 times] 1000
Indomitable Army Surviving an incredible number of battles [fight 2000 times] 2000
Cherisher of Life Surviving countless tough battles and learning the value of life [clear on Classic mode] 2000
Valentia’s Conqueror Making it through an extremely difficult situation [clear on Hard difficulty] 2000
Dragonslayer Defeating a large number of dragon enemies [defeat 300 Necrodragons, Fire Dragons, Dagons, etc.] 1000
Gold Fiend Collecting a large number of gold marks [30 Gold Marks in possession] 1000
Thrum of Despair Containing the menace that tried to bring ruin to the world [defeat the boss of the Thabes Labyrinth] 3000
Blitzkrieg Bringing an end to the war in remarkably good time [clear within 500 turns] 3000
Mystery Relics Collecting a series of relics from the distant past [Astra, Luna and Sol] 3000
Fire Emblem Becoming one truly fit to be called a ruler [clear on Hard+Classic with 0 casualties] 4000


Icon Name Tips
Maiden Victory Automatically obtained after completing the Prologue.
Zofia’s Champion Automatically obtained after completing the last battle of Act 1.
Shrine Keeper Necrodragons are tough cookies early on, but you’re given a big clue: Seraphim. Celica learns this spell at Level 5; you can have her sit in the forest and use Valbar as bait, etc. If playing on Hard difficulty, you must contend with two Necrodragons.
Temple Liberator Automatically obtained after completing the last battle of Act 3 (Celica’s path).
Armistice Automatically obtained after completing the last battle of Act 4.
Humanity’s Genesis Automatically obtained after completing the game.
Strategic Retreat Use the Retreat command in battle (available from Turn 3). It’s not cowardice when the fate of Valentia is at stake.
Combat Artist Use a Combat Art. Should be easy if you give a character a weapon to hold onto for a while.
Terrain Pro Place your units in forests or other advantageous terrain. Do this 10 times and the Award is yours.
Wheel of Time Use Mila’s Turnwheel to rewind time. That’s all there is to it.
Renowned Knight You need to gain 1,300 Renown, which is a paltry amount in the long run.
Renowned General 13,148 Renown is required for this Award. Don’t forget Awards also grant Renown.
Renowned Conqueror 56,434 Renown is the goal. If you haven’t reached this amount by the end of the game, consider taking a trek through the Thabes Labyrinth. Defeating the labyrinth’s boss earns you 1000 Renown, while the unique monsters that spawn give 200-400 Renown each–and they spawn endlessly too.
Undertaker You must defeat over 300 Revenants, Entombed or Bonewalkers (or their upgraded forms). This isn’t too hard since undead enemies are common. If necessary, you can grind at the Secret Shrine.
Triangle Attacker Have Palla, Catria and Est surround one enemy from all sides and select the Triangle Attack Combat Art.
Duma Incarnate Keep using Alm’s Royal Sword or Falchion until Scendscale unlocks, then unleash it on a pitiful enemy.
Mila Incarnate Keep using Celica’s Beloved Zofia until Ragnarok Ω unlocks. To get Beloved Zofia, you need to forge the Golden Dagger to 2 stars and evolve it with 1 Gold Mark.
Craftsmanship Upgrade a weapon at the Smithy. It doesn’t matter what weapon or what level of upgrade. Even upgrading an Iron Sword to 1 star will do.
Archanea’s Regalia Gradivus can be found in the secret room in Duma Temple. For the rest, you will need to forge a Blessed Sword and Blessed Bow to 3 stars and evolve them. You need 2 Gold Marks to reach 3 stars and 5 Gold Marks to evolve, so 16 in all. Mercurius isn’t that great though. What you can do is, after forging it and Parthia, create a Bookmark to save your progress, then reload your previous save to keep the Award without spending Gold Marks on the spectral blade.
Unbreakable Bonds View a large number of final Base Conversations. You can just keep re-entering a village and talking to all your companions. Try and keep a checklist if possible, so you know who you’ve already talked to. If you’re struggling to make a particular character appear, enter a dungeon and Evacuate all unnecessary characters, then make for a Mila Idol.
Meteoric Rise A character needs to gain 5 more stat points in the same Level Up. It’s unlikely that Resistance will increase, so you want 5 out of 6 stats (HP, Attack, Skill, Speed, Luck or Defence) to increase. It’s all about luck of the draw, unless you have the Star Jacinth from the Inner Sanctum.
Gourmand Your characters need to have consumed 30 or more different types of Provisions. Again, a checklist is useful so you remember which ones you’ve already tried. Don’t forget that the stat-boosting items count as Provisions. If you’re missing any common or uncommon foods, take a trip through the dungeons and break everything you see.
Seasoned Hero 500 or more battles are needed, which actually isn’t a large amount considering the length of the game. By “battle”, this refers to when you engage an enemy on the battlefield. So even things like getting sniped by Archers or Mages counts.
Indomitable Army 2000 or more battles are needed. It sounds like a lot, but if you play normally, you should naturally reach this amount by the end of the game. If not, just go back to some dungeons and do some grinding, etc.
Cherisher of Life Obtained by completing the game on Classic Mode. This should be straightforward for series veterans. Newer players needn’t be afraid of picking Classic Mode, since Echoes is one of the more friendlier games with permanent death. For one, you can use Mila’s Turnwheel to rewind character deaths so long as Alm or Celica don’t die. Failing that, there are a handful of resurrection springs.
Valentia’s Conqueror Obtained by completing the game on Hard difficulty. Enemies on Hard typically have slightly better stats and equipment. Again, this shouldn’t be too troublesome for veterans. Newer players may struggle, but if all else fails, you can always grind at dungeons. Either way, it’s far from an impossible task; knowledge from completing Normal difficulty can help.
Dragonslayer One of the more obscure Awards. You must slay 300 or more dragon-type enemies. This includes Necrodragons (and their upgraded forms), Fire Dragons and Dagons. The easiest way is to keep grinding The Dragon’s Maw during Act 4, before Celica climbs to the top of Duma Tower. After enough encounters, you will start finding 20 Necrodragons per battle. Otherwise you will have to repeatedly fight Fire Dragons and Dagons in Thabes Labyrinth and, boy, are those things brutal.
Gold Fiend You must have 30 Gold Marks in possession, which is no mean feat. Consider preserving your Gold Marks where possible, as well as obtaining and trading in all Exotic Spices you can find. Once you’re ready, save your game. Next, trade in the Keepsake Ring, Sage’s Shield, Boots and any other items that fetch Gold Marks. Also exchange all your Silver Marks for Gold Marks. If you still don’t have enough, trade in all your valuable items for Silver Marks and exchange those for Gold Marks. After you’ve received the Award, create a Bookmark and reload your previous save file to regain your lost items, but keep the Award.
Thrum of Despair Obtained after beating The Creation at the end of the Thabes Labyrinth. This is no easy task and requires a guide by itself. The easy way out is to abuse the Dread Fighter – Villager loop on as many units as possible. Grind at least 3 units at the Secret Shrine (or any dungeon) until they have max stats (or close) and then make them a Dread Fighter, Paladin and Bow Knight. A fourth unit as a Sage may help. By default, you’ve got Saber and Jesse, plus any Villagers you set on the Mercenary path. You can also use any Pitchforks you may have. Finally, consider giving Alm and/or Celica all your stat-boosters and remaining Sacred Springs.
Blitzkrieg Obtained by completing the game within 500 turns. Again, this is one of the more time-consuming Awards (unironically) that essentially requires its own guide. Basically, you want to finish maps as fast and efficiently as possible, while keeping the big picture in mind. Ideally, this should be done on Normal difficulty; possible Casual so you can storm ahead without fearing casualties. Having a piece of paper with all your turn counts–especially from optional battles–would also be very useful.
Mystery Relics Quite possibly the hardest Award. Sol, Astra and Luna are rare drops from Gargoyles, Mogalls and Fiends (and their upgraded forms, but not including the Gargoyles with Eerie Screech). With the exception of Luna, which is a 1.25% drop from Guardians, you may be better off farming drops from Thabes Labyrinth B9 and B10 or the Inner Sanctum. If pursuing the labyrinth, you can take advantage of the fact each room has exactly 3 drops, which decays by 1 each time you re-enter. This is perfect for B10, which has no enemies in your way.
Fire Emblem Obtained by completing the game on Hard difficulty and Classic mode with 0 casualties. This only applies to character deaths (or forced retreats) at the time of beating the game. Characters who haven’t been recruited do not count against this (so you can miss, for example, Nomah and still get the Award). While currently untested, you should be able to use the resurrection springs to avoid deaths. Also if anyone dies and you haven’t–or can’t–resurrect them before the final battle is over, you can return to Duma Temple and repeat the final battle as many times as you wish.