Medals serve as evidence of achievements you’ve earned while playing the game. They can be viewed via Communications – Profile Card.

Note: Medals are shared among all save files.

Icon Name Description Renown+
First Victory Successfully won your first battle 100
Hero of Zofia Liberated Zofia Castle 200
Shrine Defender Defeated the Dracozombie living in the Sea Shrine 200
Blessed Saviour Won back the Temple of Mila from Rigel’s forces 300
End of War Ended the war with the Rigelian Empire 500
Dawn of Mankind Ended the era of Gods, heralding a new dawn for mankind 1000
Tactical Retreat Identified a dangerous battlefield, making a wise retreat 100
Battle Skill Used a combat art to turn the tides of battle 100
Terrain Advantage Used terrain to gain a comfortable battle advantage [10 times] 100
Turnwheel of Time Manipulated a power beyond human reasoning 100
Knight’s Medal Became pretty well known throughout Zofia [reach Rank 3] 300
General’s Medal Became famous throughout the whole of Valentia [reach Rank 7] 1000
Champion’s Medal Became a shining legend across the myriad lands [reach Rank 10] 2000
Undertaker Exorcised a disturbing amount of undead foes [defeat 300] 1000
Triangle Attack Used the fabled Triangle Attack 300
War God Incarnate Used Alm’s ultimate skill 500
Goddess Incarnate Used Celica’s ultimate skill 500
Blacksmith’s Hammer Forged a powerful weapon 300
Three Regalia Gathered all of Archanea’s Three Regalia 2000
Unbreakable Bonds Created strong bonds with many companions 1000
Astounding Growth Displayed a rarely-seen level of growth [5 or more stat ups] 1000
Culinary Expert Sampled many of Valentia’s fine delicacies [30 types] 1000
Hardened Heroes Fought a great number of battles [fight 500 times] 1000
Invincible Troop Survived a countless number of battles [fight 2000 times] 2000
Importance of Life Through harsh struggles, understood the importance of life 2000
Champion of Valentia Conquered an extremely perilous situation 2000
Dragon Slayer Defeated an exhilarating amount of dragons [defeat 300] 1000
Goldmonger Gathered a mountain of gold from would-be-conquerors [30 Golden Marks] 1000
Drum of Despair Sealed away a threat to all of existence 3000
Lightning Speed Ended the war in record time [within 500 days] 3000
Mysterious Artifact Collected all of the mysterious artifacts from olden times 3000
Fire Emblem Became acknowledged as a true and just ruler 4000