Renown is a measure of your army’s fame. It can be increased by defeating enemies, completing sub-quests, obtaining Medals and other means. After reaching certain thresholds, your army’s Rank will increase.

Your Rank and Renown is visible to players you meet via StreetPass; you can also upload your Renown to the Internet so it can be compared with others around the world.

Ranks and Titles

Rank Required Renown Male Title Female Title Terror Title
1 0 Villager Villager Revenant
2 500 Soldier Cleric Bonewalker
3 1,300 Fighter Mage Gargoyle
4 2,580 Paladin Paladin Shaman
5 4,628 Knight Pegasus Knight Witch
6 7,905 Gold Knight Gold Knight Dracozombie
7 13,148 Baron Priestess Mogall
8 21,537 Dread Fighter Falcon Knight Majin
9 34,959 Hero Princess Earth Mother
10 56,434 Conqueror Empress War God

Gaining Renown


The Prologue does not count towards Renown.

With the exception of Renown granted by Medals, all Renown is individually multiplied by 1.25 if playing on Hard difficulty and 1.1 if playing on Classic mode (numbers are rounded down). The multipliers stack for a total of 1.375.

Some weak enemies in optional dungeon battles are exempt from the Classic mode multiplier (most notably Brigands, Revenants and Bonewalkers).

Via Recruiting

Character(s) Renown+
Gray, Tobin, Kliff, Faye, Mae, Boey, Genny, Atlas 25
Lukas, Silque, Clair, Forsyth, Python, Luthier, Saber, Jesse, Est 50
Valbar, Kamui, Leon, Palla, Catria 75
Clive, Mathilda, Tatiana, Zeke, Mycen, Sonia, Dean, Nomah, Conrad 100
Delthea 300

Via Defeating Bosses

Character(s) Renown+
Slayde (Prologue), Thief Head, Dach 25
Slayde, Saxon, Lawson, Gazelle, Fernand (Ch 3; both times), Gach, Wolf, Dean, Sonia, Vrai 50
Desaix (Ch 3), Tatara, Grieth, Mikaela, Scizor, Mara, Gerome, Magnum, Heste, Mueller, Fernand (Ch 4), Slayde (Ch 4), Garcia, Jamil 100
Berkut (Ch 3), Gold, Silver, Ganev, Kelbeth, Belreth, Badess, Rinea, Mara (Ch 5), Heste (Ch 5) 150
Nuibaba, Berkut (Ch 4), Dolk 200
Berkut (Ch 5), Judah (Normal mode) 300
Desaix, Rudolf, Judah, Mila’s Servant, Duma’s Apostle 500
Duma, Construct 1000

Via Defeating Generic Foes

For Ghosts and Risen, Renown is halved (minimum is 5) except for the following:

  • Arcanist: unchanged if Risen (20)
  • Soldier: unchanged if Risen (10)
  • Lich: unchanged if Ghost (10)
  • Bow Knight: divided by 3 if Risen (10)
Character(s) Renown+
Entombed (weak) 1
Villager, Brigand, Revenant, Bonewalker 5
Soldier, Cavalier, Knight, Mercenary, Archer, Lich, Gargoyle, Revenant (strong), Entombed (poison/stun) 10
Gargoyle (seal), Balrog (seal), Mogall (foreign) 15
Fighter, Paladin, Myrmidon, Sniper, Mage, Pegasus Knight, Arcanist, Entombed, Balrog, Bonewalker (strong), Gargoyle (strong) 20
Hero, Priestess, Gold Knight, Baron, Dread Fighter, Bow Knight, Sage, Falcon Knight, Shaman, Witch, Majin, Mogall, Dracozombie, White Dragon, Deimos 30
Shaman (strong) 40
Fire Dragon 50
Titan 200
Garuda, Guardian 300
Vesta, Fafnir 400