The arena is a controlled battleground where you can fight opponents while gambling resources.

Upgrade Details

Shop Level Chapter Completion Required Dragon Vein Points
1 9 1
2 15 1
3 21 1

Arena Basics

You can participate in the Arena once per phase of the day (i.e. once per mission or 6-hour period).

The character who fights in battles is the one manning the Arena. If that character has any support partners, their highest level partner will assist them via Tag Team; you can also choose which character will be the lead unit.

Note: If the lead unit is in a non-combat class (eg. Monk), you cannot use the Arena. However if their support partner is in a non-combat class, they can still join in, but no Dual Strikes will occur.

Before an Arena battle, you must select 1 resource to pay for the battle. If you win the battle, you win 2 of the same resources, so you effectively gain 1 resource.

Arena battles behave like previous ones in the series: the player character (and his/her support unit) attacks first, then the enemy character (and his/her support unit) attacks and the cycle repeats until one of the characters reaches 0 HP.

In the middle of an cycle, you can press the X button to yield and the battle will end as soon as the next cycle is reached. If you manage to survive until then, you will keep all winnings earned up to that point.

After upgrading the Arena to Level 2, if you prevail in the first round, you can proceed to round 2 where your total winnings is increased to 4. Finally, when the Arena is Level 3, you can advance to round 3 where the total winnings becomes 8.

Between each round, the participating character recovers HP equal to (Maximum HP – Current HP) / 2 rounded down.

If you lose a round, your Arena run ends immediately and you lose all of your winnings, but not your characters fortunately.