Hints and Secrets

Credits: Pegasus Knight, Valhalla

Castle BGM

A pretty commonly known and slightly useless glitch, but pretty amusing nonetheless. To have the castle BGM play outside the castle, enter the castle and have a character enter the streets to trigger the castle BGM. Cancel to return to the castle screen. Now click on an empty space to open up the map menu, and go to Unit. Select a character that is outside the castle, and you will return outside with the castle BGM still playing. The BGM will return to normal when a different BGM plays.

Prayer Sword for Males

Normally only females can equip the Prayer Sword, but males can equip it too by using a simple trick. First, break the Prayer Sword and sell it to the pawn shop. Then make a male character buy the broken Prayer Sword, equip it and, finally, repair it. If the male de-equips the Prayer Sword, they’ll have to break it again to re-equip it.

Double Heal

For the last use of the Life or Reblow staves, twice the normal amount of HP is recovered.

Level Up Bug

The game uses a slightly different RNG (random number generator) compared to other games in the series, in that very large strings of RNs (random numbers) are created where needed. However they aren’t created during battles. In very long battles (such as using the Charge skill or in the Arena) there’s a chance that all the RNs in the string may be used up by the time the character levels up. Since the game has no RNs to use, your character will then receive no stat gains, even if some of their growth rates surpasses 100%. In the arena this can be avoided by cancelling your next battle and then re-entering the Arena to continue it.

Continue Freeze

The activation rate for Continue is (Attack Speed +20)%

If a character has Continue and their activation rate is negative, the game will freeze whenever that character attacks. This can be achieved, for example, if a character has less than 10 Speed and is carrying a broken weapon.

Cuan and Ethlin’s Survival

Actually, they don’t really survive, but you can alter the consequence of their battle in Chapter 5 so that they survive until you conquer Phinora castle. Further details can be found in this page.

Celice’s Leadership

When you first recruit Celice, his leadership is 2. To increase his leadership to 3, save the game and then reset. Load the save and you should find that Celice’s leadership is now 3.

Lightning Times Two?

A minor bug that occurs if you didn’t pair Fury. During Chapter 7 you will be able to buy a Lightning tome from the Vendor. When you later recruit Hawk, he will come with a Lightning tome as well. However the two Lightning tomes are actually the same one… The two will share the same kill count and usage. When you reset and load the game again, the Lightning tome from the Vendor will disappear and you’ll end up with only one Lightning tome (which is correct).

Enemy in the Castle

During Chapter 7 you will be able to recruit Tinny (or Linda), and during Chapter 8 you will be able to recruit Faval (or Asaello). If you happen to complete those chapters without recruiting or killing those characters, they will appear in the main castle in the next chapter, but as enemy units. You won’t be able to recruit them though. You can do what you want with them inside the main castle, but once you send them outside they will act as normal enemies.

Buy the Balmunk

First have Shanan equip the Balmunk and then get him killed. Then have a character use the Valkyrie staff, but don’t resurrect him just yet. Instead press the X button to view his status screen. Press the L or R button and then exit. Return to the status screen and the Balmunk should now have changed to an Iron Lance with 98 uses. If not, try again (or you could just bash all the buttons like me). Save the game and reset. The next time you load the save, you should find the Balmunk purchasable in the Vendor. Aside from Shanan, only Lakche or Skasaher with major Odo blood can equip the Balmunk.

I don’t know if this has any side-effects so be warned…

Infinite Turns

A very fun and useful glitch. First make a character guard the main castle. Now have a character use the Rescue staff to return the guarding character to the main castle. When you make the guarding character leave for outside, they will be able to move forever- as long as you make them use the Sortie or Enter Castle command. This glitch can be used to break tons of events in the game, although the results of doing so can be unpredictable. A side-effect of this glitch is that you won’t be able to make a character guard the castle again (since the game thinks it’s still being guarded). To remove this effect, have the guarding character use the Enter Castle command to end the main castle.

Celice x Yuria

Celice and Yuria have 490 love points, and a love growth of -5 each turn. Normally Celice and Yuria cannot be paired up. However it is possible by tricking the game by using one of two methods.

The First Method (Long)

Firstly, you must have Celice and Yuria stay next to each other for the whole of the Second Generation- characters adjacent to each other gain
+5 love points each turn, so this negates the negative low growth. However you still require 10 love points to become lovers- where does that come from? During the Final Chapter, make Celice reach Yuria (when she is an enemy) before around Turn 48 (before love growths stop). Then have Celice wait adjacent to her for two turns (you might need to de-equip Celice so that he doesn’t accidentally kill her). Characters will gain adjacent love points even if they’re of different affiliation, so Celice and Yuria will gain +5 love points each turn. When you recruit Yuria, and if successful, Celice and Yuria should be lovers.

The Second Method (Short)

This method utilises a bug in the Jealousy system. After completing the First Generation, do not reset your game. You will also require Lakche and Rana. When you recruit Yuria in Chapter 6, position the characters so Celice is diagonal to Yuria and put Lakche and Rana in the spaces between Celice and Yuria so that the four form a square:


When this formation is kept, Celice and Yuria will gain lover points like normal characters and they can become lovers as early as the 2nd Turn after Yuria joins.

Under certain circumstances, it may take considerably longer for Celice and Yuria to become lovers. If this occurs, have the characters keep this formation all the time (unless an emergency arises), at least until the 50th Turn has passed. If you check the fortune teller, you should notice that Celice and Yuria will gain lover points like normal characters. If this formation is continuously kept, by early Chapter 8 Celice and Yuria should become lovers. If you reset your game before this point, this method will not work.