Blazing Sword: Devourer of Time

Created by: flyingace24


Patching Instructions

I have included two different types of patches along with their respective patching utilities.

Stealth Patch

  1. Download the file from the first post (obviously)
  2. Extract the files.
  3. Download StealthPatch. (You can google it or find it on
  4. Run spatch.exe. It should open as just a bar with File and Help.
  5. Open File-Apply IPS Patch.
  6. Select your FE7 US ROM.
  7. Select Devourer of Time.ips.
  8. Select where you want the ROM to be located and type in whatever you want the output ROM to be named (preferably Fire Emblem – Devourer of Time.gba). Then hit Save.
  9. It will ask if you want to apply an extra data set. Hit Yes.
  10. Now select Devourer of Time2.ips.
  11. It should say that it was patched successfully. Now for the most important step…
  12. Enjoy!

UPS Patcher

  1. Open up the program
  2. Choose apply patch to new file
  3. First option: choose the patch
  4. Second option: find an unmodified FE7
  5. Third option: Input Fire Emblem – Devourer of Time.gba as your save name
  6. Check the bypass checksum thing
  7. Choose apply patch.
  8. Play in emulator.
  9. Enjoy.

Other Instructions

I have included a save in the package. All you need to do is have the ROM with the same name and start. Choose Eliwood (Ace) Mode (Normal or Hard does not matter). DO NOT play Lyn (Jennifer) Mode.