encryption20’s The Sacred Stones

Created by: encryption20

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Follow the procedures shown in the Instructions pages, but instead you’ll need the English (NA) ROM.


In version 0.2, I will have the following updates:

  • “S” weapons more balanced (Vidofnir less ****ed up, etc)
  • The Chapter 1 glitches will be fixed.
  • Light Magic lighter, Anima magic heavier.
  • Flux’s poison will be taken away. Finrir will get poison.
  • Mamkute having promoted character stat caps.
  • Making Lyon a lot harder.
  • Making dark magic so that people will want to use it.
  • Making the Demon King much harder!
  • The short Bow will have a 1-2 range.
  • Dragonstone will be Brave and Infinite use.
  • The Super Trainees will have awesome stat caps.
  • Magic users will have better Con.
  • The phantoms will be a lot better.
  • Luna will be un-nerfed.
  • 1 Suprise with an “S” rank weapon.

In Version .7 there will be:

  • Male Druids w/ Swords
  • Male Sages w/ Axes
  • Female Sages w/ Bows
  • Dancer w/ Staves
  • G/Ks and Pallies more balanced.
  • Female G/Ks w/ Swords and Bows.
  • Male G/Ks w/ Axes and Bows.
  • Female Pallies w/ Lances and Bows.
  • Male Pallies w/ Axes and Swords.
  • Male Wyvern Lords w/ Bows
  • FalcoKnights with Anima Magic
  • Male Wyvern Knights with Dark Magic
  • Female Wyvern Knights with Light Magic
  • Mage Knights with Swords
  • Ross with Dart’s good growths and his own good Growths.(I.E. He has Dart’s Speed, but hisown strength.)
  • Franz was turned into a promotable Soldier. *Broken*

In Version 1.1:

  • Assassin Tri-Attack (Josh, Colm, and Marisa)
  • Knight/ General Tri-Attack (Franz, Amelia, and Gilliam)
  • Great Knight Tri-Attack(Franz, Forde, and Kyle)
  • The glitches with Garcia(him having axes), Tana(with her Class), Amelia(her and the Peg-Knight bonuses), and Tethys(her with the no staff weapon levels) are all fixed.
  • Seth no longer has control of the weapon triangle.
  • Ephraim and Eirika’s class promotions will now be Queen(Eirika) and Pontifix(Ephriam). Just to let you all know, some of their strong points are: Queen has OHKO, King has Crit+15. Move=9 on both of them. Much better caps. Main Disadvantage: Lower Con than the Great Lord.
  • Franz was turned into a level 10 unit, stats toned down, and Growth Rates toned down.*Broken Fixed*
  • Every class that had no animation when it used a weapon that it didn’t normally have(I.E Sages w/ Swords) have an animation now.

Version 1.6 Updates:

  • Demon king even harder. Instead of just altering his weapons, I gave him: 200HP, 55Str, 50 SKL, 52 Speed, 62 Def and Res. + the weapons that have a 1-6 Range.
  • Summoner promotable into Necromancer/ Wyvern Knight(so it’s good stat caps Vs. Pierce)with the Guiding Ring)
  • Much Harder Dracozombies. Their growths(If not exceeding) Border 200%. Also, they now have a cap of 80 all around.
  • Mamkute having normal Stat caps, but promotable by Hero Crest. (Again, promotions are a secret)
  • Another Wyvern Rider, Natasha.
  • Female Wyvern Knights/Lords with Light and Anima Magic animations, No spears/swords animations
  • Male Wyvern Knights/Lords with Dark and Anima Magic animations, No spears/swords animations
  • FalcoKnights with Staff animations, No Spears/ swords animations.
  • Mage Knights without Sword animation, but with Anima Magic animations.
  • General Enemies Much Harder
  • The Glitches with the Tri Attacks are fixed.

Version 1.63 Updates:

  • Cleft’s Ideas for Assassin/Rogue Balance is taken into effect.
  • The Franz/Garcia Glitches fixed.

Version 1.8 Updates:

  • Chapters 1-8 bosses will be harder.
  • Tana will get Celice’s Growths +~10 on each growth.
  • Great Knights and Paladins will have more balanced caps.
  • The glitch with Marisa(76 Con) is fixed.
  • The Mercenary at the beginninng of the game has MUCH better stats(esque ChinaFE)
  • Syrene with the following growths: HP: 255 Str:195 Skl:215 Spd:230 Def: 175 Res: 200 Luck: 175. She starts with the Bases of the Falcoknight.

Version 2.5 Updates:

  • The split-path bosses harder.
  • My first Facial Sprite Edits!
  • Secret Characters made more worth getting.
  • Tethys with even more increased magic growth.
  • Lyon with all four types of magic(both as a boss and a Playable character).
  • Super Journeyman with Silencer.
  • CryptGirl’s Glitches Fixed.
  • Male Wyvern Knights with Axes and Lances, no magic; Female with Bows and Lances, no magic.
  • Demon King made beatable(but still harder)
  • Dracozombies Fixed. They had like NO stats, but now they do. Also, they have +15 crit, and Silencer.
  • Fado in the prologue is a General. The soldier is an assassin.
  • Cormag is now Rath.
  • Seth is now Hector, but with Seth’s hair color and other colors.
  • Orson is now the correctly colored Hector
  • Syrene is Brunya
  • Ross is now Dart.