The Sacred Stones: Fire Emblem Reunion

Created by: sushiz

Preview images: Image 1


This patch works with US (NA) Fire Emblem Rom.

If you have played my previous patch (chapters 1-8), I think you should play from the beginning cuz I switched around some classes in the rom…so you might get something weird if you continue from the saved file.

This patch is only for Eirika’s Route. So if you go to Ephraim’s route, you might miss some new classes.

Update (16 July 2006)

  • Changed all battle sprite colors to match their portraits (ex. Farina has blue hair. I didn’t change Garcia’s since he shares the same palette with Ephraim)
  • Aso changed some armor colors as well..(ex. Franz soldier wears green armor)
  • Heath from FE7 replaces Cormag
  • Changed Innes unpromoted class. He now uses anima; he is equipped with anima spells.
  • Changed some class names
  • Increased the base stats of monsters


  • Completed Eirika’s route ( I haven’t played thru all the chapters..)
  • Mini bosses for items, difficulty, and etc
  • Some class ability changes (ex. assassin can steal)
  • Some modified battle sprites and new classes (still have problems with battle sprites)
  • Some changes in promotion paths
  • Character replacement:
  • Seth- Raven
  • Gilliam- Murdock
  • Moulder- Brammimond
  • Vannesa- Farina
  • Ross- Roy
  • Garcia- Eliwood
  • Neimi- Nino
  • Colm- Jaffar
  • Tana- Guivenere
  • Innes- Zephiel
  • Joshua- Ephidel
  • Natasha- Serra
  • Myrrh- Idoun
  • Dozla- Linus
  • Renack- Lloyd
  • L’arachel- Ursula
  • Artur- Lucius
  • Lute- Lilina
  • Forde- Percival
  • Kyle- Douglas
  • Ewan- Nils
  • Tethys- Ninian
  • Syrene- Fiora

Most of the enemy bosses are replaced as well…

Things I’m Still Working On

  • Ephraim’s route
  • Battle sprites (working on matching hair color and armor colors of portraits)
  • Prince items (items that transform a character into monsters)
  • Black dragon (Myrrh the red dragon promotes into more powerful black dragon)
  • Promotion path
  • Item modification (dark magics with more accuracy and etc… maybe S weapons with infinite usage)
  • Balance

Things I Have Problems With


  • Battle sprites…simply cuz I can’t get some frames…thus cant modify
  • Promotion path…can’t promote already promoted class without having a different map walking sprites. well…maybe some of you guys know what I mean. There is a tedious way to do this..but it is pretty stupid, and doesn’t always work ( I used this silly method to make soldier promotes into soldier+).