Leak: Fire Emblem DLC character in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U

Ahead of Sunday’s Smash Bros. presentation, which promises a look at new upcoming content, Nintendo of Japan released a new patch earlier today, which eager fans hurriedly data-mined.

smash4-splashFrom the available data, fans have deduced there will be two new DLC characters, including another Fire Emblem character!

For the benefit of those who would rather find out the new character during Sunday’s presentation, I’ve hidden their identity below the cut…

As many fans guessed (from prior data-mining), the new Fire Emblem character is none other than Roy from the Japanese-only Binding Blade.


At the moment of writing, Roy himself is currently not playable, but all of his relevant data is in the patch, ready for use. This includes things like his render (above) and Classic Mode ending.

(Credit for all these findings go to the passionate Smash fans who found them. With the news exploding like this, it’s hard for me to trace the origins.)

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Update: Apologies for anybody following us on social media and who didn’t want to be spoiled. As soon as I posted this, I remembered the site automatically assigns a random image from this post…

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