Some Things To Do While We Countdown From Two Weeks

Well the time is nearly upon us. Pre-load via eShop is already available, major gaming organizations like Polygon and GameXplain are getting their hands on early versions of the games and in general, fans are just getting antsy.

There are a few ways to pass the time, however. For starters, you can hop on over to Nintendo of Japan’s official Fire Emblem site and check out their updated Support Scenes.


Support Scenes are re-purposed support dialogue between characters, but with the added twist of an official portrait illustrated specifically for the support. If you’re familiar with the subsection, there have been three new additions to the previous three (giving three for Nohrian supports and three for Hoshidan.

If you haven’t already voted for your favorite characters in anticipation for the release, visit our forum’s Official Pre-Release Popularity Poll. 14 days remain until the official release of the game, and this poll will be going on until the very last minute. We’ll be holding a Post-Release poll in six months following the release, so noticing the trends of character popularity will be pretty interesting!


If you live in Canada and happen to be near Toronto on February 12, you can visit Snell Hall and have a blast with other fans in a Pre-Release Choose Your Path event. You’ll need to apply for an invitation online, but event-goers will be eligible to win one of 100 Fates t-shirts, and there should no doubt be fantastic photo opportunities. Perhaps someone could go on the behalf of our Admin team and supply us with a few photos of the event and maybe even a t-shirt or two…

Lastly, you can check out streams of the game over at Polygon’s YouTube channel. Just yesterday, they’ve already posted a 2.5 hour stream of Fire Emblem Fates, halting shortly after choosing Birthright. Hopefully others will follow soon, as GameXplain and IGN have supplied North America with early access videos as well.

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