Initial Cast Children NPC/Enemy DLC SpotPass

Credits: TheEnd (profile translations), h_yusaku (birthdays), NomadicTrooperGirl, FE Memo (voice actors), Remnant Sage, Kirokan (Nah’s image)

Notes: Hair colours differ depending on the father, except in Morgan’s case where it differs depending on your Avatar’s partner.

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Image Name Initial class Voice actor Birthday
Contains Spoilers Lucina Lord Yuu Kobayashi 20th April
Chrom’s daughter from the future. A kind princess with a strong sense of justice, who believes that saving the world is her mission. She loves her father dearly and is always worrying over him. Has the weirdest sense of humour.
Morgan Morgan Varies 5th May
Your child from the future. Because he/she has next to no memories of his/her life, nobody knows what timeline he/she’s from. Has a childish enthusiasm and is quick to play along with others. He/she dreams of becoming a tactician like you. Moves around the most.
Owain Owain Myrmidon Hidenori Takahashi 15th July
Lissa’s son from the future. He likes to stand out and tries to look cool, speaking in a theatrical fashion. Loves giving obscure names to weapons, as well as thinking up names for his special moves. The army’s most hot-blooded member.
Inigo Inigo Mercenary Ryuuichi Kijima 7th August
Olivia’s son from the future. Friendly and cheerful, he’s a womaniser who routinely hits on girls, but is often rejected because they don’t take him seriously. Secretly dreams of becoming a dancer. Out at night more than anyone else.
Brady Brady Priest Daisuke Egawa 22nd February
Maribelle’s son from the future. Appears menacing and strong, but lacks any fighting talent and has poor reflexes to boot. The scar on his face was caused by a violin string. He’s a crybaby who cries over the smallest things. Most likely to be mistaken for a bandit.
Kjelle Kjelle Knight Megumi Yamato 29th September
Sully’s daughter from the future. She has a gentle heart and is bent on protecting the weak. Loves sparring and goes around challenging anyone and everyone she deems strong. Hates guys who underestimate her because she’s a woman. The biggest fan of armour.
Cynthia Cynthia Pegasus Knight Ayano Yamamoto 14th May
Sumia’s daughter from the future. She’s optimistic, cheerful and brimming with energy. Admires cool heroes and diligently studies dramatic entrances. However, being as clumsy as her mother, her entrances rarely go to plan. Famous for babbling in her sleep.
Severa Severa Mercenary Saori Seto 21st January
Cordelia’s daughter from the future. She developed an impudent personality because she felt inferior compared to her “perfect” mother. However, she’s confident in her good looks and doesn’t mind using her cuteness to her advantage. The biggest squanderer.
Gerome Gerome Wyvern Rider Tarusuke Shingaki 1st September
Cherche’s son from the future. He doesn’t have a high opinion of meddling with the past, and thus acts solo, while donning a mask. However, in truth, he feels lonely and wishes his parents stayed alive. Has the worst sleeping habits.
Yarne Yarne Taguel Daisuke Endou 14th March
Panne’s son from the future. He’s timid and extremely cowardly. Afraid of the extinction of the rabbit Taguel race, he’s reluctant to fight on the front lines, but will put himself in danger for his friends. Owner of the loudest voice.
Laurent Laurent Mage Makoto Ishii 25th April
Miriel’s son from the future. He’s a model student, smart and serious, but is easily influenced by those surrounding him. Because he has a good eye for detail, he’s able to solve issues with ease. Infamous for his shining glasses.
Noire Noire Archer Seiko Yoshida 7th October
Tharja’s daughter from the future. As a result of being a guinea pig for her mother’s curses, she has developed a cowardly and negative personality. She may look delicate, but she’s a completely different person when she snaps. The fastest escaper.
Nah Nah Manakete Rei Matsuzaki 29th March
Nowi’s daughter from the future. In stark contrast to her mother, she’s extremely mature for her age and accustomed to controlling her feelings. Though still a child, she often questions the intentions of others. She’s well aware of her odd name. Has the best teeth.