World Map

On the world map, you can navigate to the next story chapter, optional paralogues (sidequests), Divine Paralogues (DLC) or return to the Somniel.

Occasionally, random skirmish or training battles will appear in locations you’ve already visited. In training battles, fallen allies will return even in Classic mode and all surviving allies will earn 30 experience after the fight.

After completing any battle, you can explore the battleground afterwards.

Elyos World Map

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(Endgame version.)


Ch. Location Region Ch. Location Region
1 Lythos Grasslands Lythos


14 Solm Palace Solm


2 Lythos Castle Gardens 15 Northern Fortress
3 Ring Vault 16 Azure Coast
4 Florra Mill Town Firene


17 Florra Port Firene
5 Firene Castle 18 Route to Elusia Elusia


6 Mountain Settlement 19 Givre Port
7 The Grand Crossing Brodia


20 Elusia Castle
8 Brodia Castle 21 Lythos Castle Lythos
9 Fort on the Border 22 Lythos Castle
10 Destinea Cathedral Elusia 23 Lava Fields Gradlon
11 Shadowy Moor 24 Mountainous Region
12 Tullah Desert Solm 25 Gradlon Temple
13 Oasis Village 26 Portal to Other Worlds Unknown


Note: Please refer to the paralogues page for when each paralogue unlocks.

Pa. Location Region Pa. Location Region
1 Tea-Field Village Firene 9 River of Light and Dark Elusia
2 Bandits’ Hideout 10 Bridges in a Row Firene
3 Arena of the Gods Brodia 11 Frozen Fortress Elusia
4 Plains of Swift Winds Firene 12 The Binding Grounds Firene
5 Fort of Hope Brodia 13 Forgotten Shrine Solm
6 Sacred Tomb Elusia 14 The Broken Castle Firene
7 Crossroads of Fate Firene 15 Garden of Memories Lythos
8 Dark Ruins Solm