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Credits: Aggro Incarnate and other contributors from the Localization Info Topic.

Personal Skills

Japanese name Romaji NOJ name Fan name NOA name
不思議な魅力 Mysterious Appeal Supportive
絶対進攻 Absolute Offence Forceful Partner
絶対援護 Absolute Support Devoted Partner
絶対死守 Absolute Protection Evasive Partner
炎の血 Flame Blood Fiery Blood
絆の祈り Prayer of Bonds Miraculous Save
癒しの声 Healing Voice Healing Descant
小さな声援 Little Cheer Quiet Strength
お転婆 Tomboy Fearsome Blow
完璧主義 Perfectionist Perfectionist
友情の誓 Friendship Oath Vow of Friendship
爆炎使い Explosive Flame Pyrotechnics
白夜の捕縛術 Hoshidan Capture Capture
叱咤激励 Encouragement Rallying Cry
天罰 Divine Retribution Divine Retribution
ぼんやり Absent-minded Optimistic
尊大 Arrogance Pride
暗夜嫌い Nohr-hater Nohr Enmity
悪あがき Desperate Struggle Triple Threat
対抗意識 Rivalry Competitive
忍法車返し Ninja Reversal Shuriken Mastery
勝者の愉悦 Victor’s Delight Morbid Celebration
恩返し Gratitude Reciprocity
武士道 Way of the Samurai Bushido
勝利への執念 Victory Conviction In Extremis
ダーティファイト Dirty Fight Highwayman
可憐な花 Beautiful Flower Lily’s Poise
不運の塊 Unlucky Soul Misfortunate
怪力 Super Strength Puissance
血の疼き Blood-tingling Aching Blood
暗夜の拘束術 Nohrian Restraint Kidnap
呪詛返し Curse Reflection Countercurse
妖艶な花 Bewitching Flower Rose’s Thorns
負けん気 Competitive Fierce Rival
奇襲任務 Ambush Duty Opportunist
蒼の踊り Azure Dance Fancy Footwork
殺戮本能 Killer Instinct Bloodthirst
強面 Intimidate Fierce Mien
女の本性 Woman’s Nature Unmask
冷血 Cold-blooded Pragmatic
拾いもの Pick Up Collector
騎士道 Way of the Knight Chivalry
美しき王 Beautiful King Peacebringer
軍略伝授 Tactical Teachings Perspicacious
氷の血 Ice Blood Icy Blood
農地の主 Farmland Master Forager
竜の御子 Dragon Child Draconic Heir
執事の嗜み Butler’s Feat Born Steward
チューニング Tuning Perfect Pitch
おっちょこちょい Clumsy Mischievous
幸運のおまじない Lucky Charm Lucky Charm
大義の勇 Righteous Bravery Noble Cause
前向き Positive Thinking Optimist
甘党  Sweet Tooth  Sweet Tooth
じゃれつき Play-time Playthings
冷静沈着 Calmness Calm
五・七・五 Haiku Haiku
天才肌 Prodigy Prodigy
執念 Tenacity Vendetta
レディーファースト Ladies First Gallant
臆病 Timid Fierce Counter
だまし討ち Foul Play Guarded Bravery
ひろい食い Scavenge Goody Basket
強運の塊 Lucky Soul Fortunate Son
乙女心の躍動 Blossoming Mind Bibliophile
女の子好き Girl Lover Sisterhood
邪な空想 Wicked Fantasy Daydream
一攫千金 Get Rick Quick Make a Killing
風の血 Wind Blood Wind Disciple

Class Skills

Japanese name Romaji NOJ name Fan name NOA name
竜呪 Draconic Curse Draconic Hex
魔防封じ Resistance Seal [etc.] Seal Resistance [etc.]
竜穿 Dragon Fang
破天 Breaking Sky Rend Heaven
竜盾 Draconic Shield Dragon Ward
魔法カウンター Magic Counter Countermagic
人形崩し Puppet Break Golembane
暗夜 Nohr Nohrian Trust
白夜 Hoshido Hoshidan Unity
救出 Rescue Shelter
切り込み Cut Through Lunge
入れ替え Substitute Swap
写し身人形 Copycat Puppet Replicate
特別な歌 Special Song Inspiring Song
先手必勝 Prescient Victory Quick Draw
後手不敗 Patient Assurance Strong Riposte
広所突撃 Open Assault Elbow Room
閉所防御 Confined Defence Natural Cover
偶像の幻 Even Illusion Evenhanded
奇襲の牙 Odd Fang Odd Shaped
死線 Line of Death Life and Death
お大尽 Extravagance Spendthrift
清流の一撃 Flowing Strike Duelist’s Blow
飛燕の一撃 Swallow Strike Darting Blow
鬼神の一撃 Ogre Strike Death Blow
凶鳥の一撃 Raven Strike Certain Blow
金剛の一撃 Diamond Strike Armored Blow
明鏡の一撃: Mirror Strike Warding Blow
見下す者 Overbearing Trample
守備隊形 Defensive Formation Wary Fighter
名家の令息 Distinguished Son Gentilhomme
戦闘指揮 Battle Command Inspiration
魔の風 Devilish Wind Malefic Aura
平和の声 Voice of Peace Voice of Peace
異邦の王女 Foreign Princess Foreign Princess
大振り Roundhouse Gamble
天翔ける Soar Air Superiority
呪縛 Bind Heartseeker
傾奇者 Flamboyant Quixotic
しぶとい心 Stubbornness Good Fortune
和の心 Eastern Heart Camaraderie
偶然のまどろみ Even Nap Even Better
奇妙な鳴き声 Odd Cry Better Odds
天照らす Sun God Amaterasu
よく効く薬 Effective Medicine Potent Potion
ご奉仕の喜び Servant’s Joy Live to Serve
蛇毒 Snake Venom Poison Strike
死の吐息 Deadly Breath Savage Blow
四牙 Four Fangs Grisly Wound
匠の技 Smithy Skill Salvage Blow
左うちわ Easy Life Profiteer
高貴なる血統 Noble Lineage Nobility
おみくじ Fortune Future Sight
常備薬 Household Cure Quick Salve
神盾 Divine Shield Divine Shield
状態異常耐性 Status Resistance Resist Status
状態異常無効 Status Immunity Immune Status
攻防一体の陣 Attack and Guard Stance Bold Stance
近接射撃 Proximity Shot Point Blnak
翼盾 Wing Shield Winged Shield
虚無の呪い Nihilistic Curse Void Curse
自壊 Self-Destruct Self-Destruct
無限の杖 Infinite Staff Staff Savant
凍結 Freeze Immobilize
負の連鎖 Negative Chain Inevitable End
偶人の空蝉 Hollowness Even Keel
精神統一 Spirit Unity Iron Will
心頭滅却 Clear Mind Clarity
測量術 Surveillance Survey
自動砲台 Automatic Turret Opportunity Shot
砲身改造 Barrel Modification Rifled Barrel
水陸両用 All-Terrain Surefooted
魔女の大釜 Witch’s Cauldron Witch’s Brew
ワープ Warp Warp
魔女の毒薬 Witch’s Poison Toxic Brew
獣盾 Beast Shield Beast Shield
鎧盾 Armour Shield Armor Shield
力の吸収 Strength Drain Strengthtaker [etc.]
柔剣 Gentle Blade Dancing Blade
防陣+ Guard Stance+ Dual Guardsman
剛剣 Steel Blade Heavy Blade
歴戦の勘 Veteran’s Intuition Veteran Intuition
攻陣+ Attack Stance+ Dual Striker
覚醒 Awakening Awakening
戦術指南 Tactical Guide Tactical Advice