Fire Emblem Fates Release Announced!

Today’s Nintendo Direct was a massive 45+ minute long video, giving us over two dozen games to get excited about. The biggest news for Fire Emblem fans, however, came in two doses!

North America is getting Fire Emblem Fates on February 19, 2016! To my surprise, there will be no 3DS bundle of any type. However, a collector’s edition was announced, and is available for preorder at the time of this posting. Sadly, there is no news regarding an EU release date.


Fire Emblem Fates Invisible Kingdom will be re-titled Revelation, and will not be available at the initial release date as a standalone cartridge like the other two, Birthright and Conquest. It will be included in the $79.99 Special Edition’s three-pack cartridge, which also comes with a collector’s pouch that will fit up to a New 3DS XL and an 80 page artbook. Alternatively, if you just want to buy the game itself, you can purchase Birthright or Conquest for the standard $39.99, and the other one as a downloadable addition for $19.99.

Also, at the time of the release, a DLC map was announced to be available, though the name of which was not mentioned. Evidently, all of the DLC is available for prepurchase now on Nintendo’s EShop, but with no game to play it on, you will have to play the waiting game for a while.

Aside from the confirmation of a release date and the special bundle, no news was released. Check out their newly updated web site though, if you get a chance!

Finally, Chrom and Lucina will see their state-side debut in Project X Zone 2 on February 6, 2016.


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