Serenes Forest Scribbles

Calling all creative minds! Serenes Forest is holding its first creative event, featuring prizes galore!

What’s this all about?


Serenes Forest Scribbles is a creative-themed event where users can submit something Fire Emblem-related they’ve created (eg. artwork, a story, sculpture, cosplay, the list goes on) for fun… and for a chance to win prizes.

The event is open to all, although you must have a forum account (if you don’t have one, you can sign up for free). The deadline for submissions is Tuesday 2nd February 2016 (two months away).

Did you say… “prizes”?

That’s correct and, boy, are there a lot of prizes up for grabs!

First up, we have not one but two grand prizes to choose from:


1. Fire Emblem Fates Limited Edition Bundle


2. Dark Dragon and Sword of Light, Mystery of the Emblem and Maki Hakoda Draws Fire Emblem

Additionally, the top ten contributors will win a copy of the fan-made Fire Emblem Anthology.

Plus everyone who submits an entry will have early-access to a special set of forum badges and an exclusive participant badge.

How do I submit an entry?

To submit an entry, simply send a PM (private message) to Tangerine, our hard-working forum admin and manager of this creative event with a link to your submission.

Note: You must have a forum account to use the PM system.

Before submitting your work, please make sure to carefully read the rules!

I need to know MORE!

For more details and information–and if you have any further questions–please refer to the official forum topic for Serenes Forest Scribbles.

Anyway, please spread the word to your Fire Emblem loving friends and hopefully I’ll see you around!

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