A Tale of Two Fire Emblems

You read that right; two Fire Emblem games are featured in today’s spotlight. 3

For the main news, Genei Ibun Roku #FE has not only given us some new artwork via toi8, but was officially released in Japan today!


Streamers are already taking to Twitch, such as BurningGravity and Hamayamaso if you want to check out the game with them, give them a watch and follow!

And if you thought I was only going to let you all know about GIR#FE news, you’re sorely mistaken. GameXplain and IGN have given three videos to analyze while playing them themselves.

While Serenes Forest’s localization team has been relatively spot-on with the translations for various names and weapons, a few names and terms have come out of left field, so to speak. Here’s a list I’ve compiled of every bit of information sans flat story dialogue.

My Castle Structure Names

  • Crystal Ball
  • Accessory Shop
  • Lottery Shop
  • Dusk Armory (Nohr. Hoshido is likely Dawn Armory)
  • Mess Hall
  • Berry Garden
  • Crystal Mine
  • Private Quarters
  • Smithy
  • Hot Spring
  • Statues = Golems
  • Dusk Dragon Statue
  • Nohrian Round
  • Castle Styles
    • Nohrian Style “A castle with large trees.”
    • Chevois Style “A castle with Defensive walls.
    • Nestrian Style “A castle that floats on water”

Characters & Classes

  • Corrin (Female)!Nohr Princess (Hoshido is likely Dawn Princess, and male is likely Prince)
    • During Chapter 5, Corrin is recognized as the Feral Dragon class
  • Jakob!Butler
  • Elise!Troubadour
  • Silas!Cavalier
  • Arthur!Fighter
  • Effie!Knight
  • Kaze!Ninja
  • Sakura!Shrine Maiden
  • Rinkah!Oni Savage
  • Odin!Dark Mage
  • Ryoma!Swordmaster
  • Niles!Outlaw
  • Mozu!Villager
  • Azura!Songstress
  • Camilla!Malig Knight
  • Selena!Mercenary
  • Beruka!Wyvern Rider
  • Nyx!Dark Mage
  • Takumi
  • Yukimura
  • Xander
  • Leo
  • Hinoka
    • Mikoto as a non-playable key character
    • Garon as a non-playable key character
    • Lancer as an available class, confirmed through My Castle Assistant Change menu

Confirmed Item/Weapon Names
As a precursor, each weapontype has a counterpart in the alternate nation. Stones, accessories and items do not have unique category names between nations. Listed below are weapontypes in Nohrian/Hoshidan order:

  • Swords / Katanas:
    • Yato (Corrin’s personal sword)
    • Iron Sword
    • Bronze Sword
    • Wyrmslayer
    • Kodachi
    • Raijinto (Ryoma’s personal katana)
  • Stones:
    • Dragonstone
    • Draconic Rage
  • Daggers/Shuriken:
    • Iron Dagger
    • Iron Shuriken
  • Bows / Yumi:
    • Iron Bow
    • Fujin Yumi (Takumi’s personal yumi)
  • Staves / Batons:
    • Mend
    • Heal
    • Freeze
    • Bloom Festal
  • Lances/Naginatas:
    • Bronze Lance
    • Javelin
    • Iron Lance
    • Brass Naginata
  • Axes/Clubs:
    • Hand Axe
    • Iron Axe
    • Steel Axe
    • Brass Club
  • Tomes:
    • Thunder
    • Fire
    • Fimbulvetr
  • Items:
    • Vulnerary
    • Goddess Icon
    • HP Tonic
  • Accessories:
    • Bear Hat

Chapter Titles:

  • Chapter 5: Mother
  • Chapter 6: The Path is Yours
  • Chapter 11: Rainbow


  • Shirasagi: The Hoshido Capital
  • Notre Sagesse
  • Dragon’s Gate: Similar to the Outrealms in Fire Emblem Awakening

Most of the translations are as expected, but Zero’s name being translated as Niles and Camilla’s class as Malig Knight have thrown many a fan off.

Still, that’s a lot of news, and IGN has promised us more videos of their playthrough through Fire Emblem, so we’ll likely have more localization confirmation coming soon!

Lastly, Dark Horse recently released pre-orders for their latest title, the English version of The Art of Fire Emblem Awakening art-book. This 320 page was only available on American sites, but is now available for preorder through Amazon.co.UK for £26.85. Availability is listed for July 26, 2016,

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